Fotofolio: Glenna Jennings

“At Table” (2005-ongoing) Glenna’s statement and bio: Place and Space are consistent themes in my work, which ranges from documentary and constructed photography to socially-engaged art, curating and writing. Whether documenting interactions along the U.S-Mexico border or transformations within my own backyard, I strive to create or enter spaces where History intermingles with Memory. This […]

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Fotofolio: Marcella Hackbardt

“My Rooms” Marcella’s statement and bio: In this body of work, My Rooms, I construct photographs that evoke a place and a persona, introducing and investigating the tension between narrative incompleteness and unfamiliar settings. From underground industrial rooms, to minimalist residences and collage-based fictional “spaces,” the juxtaposition with the figure orients and disorients readings of […]

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Fotofolio: John Chakeres

“Planar” John’s statement and bio: I see the world as an image from which I choose parts to create my photographs. For me, a wall begins as a canvas, a two-dimensional surface, a foundation on which to build an image. Each wall is like a found object, filled with the information I incorporate into my […]

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Fotofolio – Lisa Britton

“Lisa Britton Retrospective: 1988-1999” Lisa’s statement and bio: What causes one to be truly amazed and delighted? For me it is light itself, and how it can reveal a vision of loveliness and meaning. In all of these images light reveals an idea, a dream, a landscape, a moment which felt sacred in some way. […]

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Fotofolio: Andreas Rentsch

“The Chair”, 2019 Andreas’ statement and bio: My photographic work of late possesses a close aesthetic relationship to performance art, drawing and painting. Process has become more and more important in my art practice. My aim has consistently remained within the parameters of the photographic medium in order to discover new ways to articulate my […]

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Fotofolio: John Blom

“Common Sources”, 2018-2019 John’s statement: Currently, I am creating digital works using my own photographic images. I found a passion for photography late in my career.  My earlier work consisted of urban designs and photoshop stacks. I have studied all the works by Robert Rauschenberg and Aaron Siskind. Their own unique observations and photographic exploration […]

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Fotofolio: Evelyn Sosa

Selections from “Retrato Femenino”.  Series in progress since 2011 About Evelyn Sosa: Evelyn Sosa Rojas was born in 1989 in Havana, Cuba where she lives and works. Sos specializes in portraits when she is not busy covering events like the Havana Marathon.  Sosa shows the power of femininity through photos of women in different familiar […]

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Fotofolio: Raul Canibano

Selections from “Tierra Guajira”, “Sunset”, and “Foto Ciudad” About Raul: Raúl Cañibano Ercilla is based in Havana as an advertising photographer. Born in 1961, his work focuses on people and demonstrates the vitality of modern-day Cuban photography. He has exhibited worldwide and won a major prize in Cuba for a project on the life of […]

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Fotofolio – Susan Goldstein

“Bending Time”, Antique photo collage, 2013-present Susan’s statement: The convergence of my passion for exploring the world and collecting old, discarded, often damaged objects, ephemera and antique photographs led to creating these collages. I occupy myself on road trips making traditional photographs, both digital and film based, while stopping along the way to explore antique […]

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Fotofolio – Lloyd Greene

“Saturday Night Rodeo” Lloyd’ statement: Pretty people and powerful animals provide a good start for many stories. Rodeo is an American activity, born from our colorful southwest and the circus. It is a sport with triumph and failures, beauty and pain. Rodeo is firmly entrenched as an American an institution and sport—there is a “Rodeo […]

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Fotofolio: James Friedman

“Interior Design” James’ statement: Although I studied with Minor White in an experimental graduate program in photography at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and admired his iconic photographic abstractions, for most of my career my chief interest has been in portraiture as a personal documentary and street photographer. I never felt personally connected to abstraction […]

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Fotofolio: Sunjoo Lee

“Memorabilia 3” Sunjoo’s statement: I started collecting wrapping papers during my travels around the world. I visited gift shops, and I was taken away by the wrapping papers’ vivid and playful statements. At first, I purchased them on a whim and in fleeting moments, but over time, I became more mindful of each unique sheet […]

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Fotofolio – Susan Patrice

“The Enveloping Landscape” Susan’s statement: The Enveloping Landscape project began as a way to heal. Much like the Appalachian landscape itself, my body holds a map of multi-generational trauma. Too often expressed as violence against women, mirrored in our exploitation of the land, our history carries with it a shame so deep that it looms […]

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Fotofolio: Suz Fleming

“Impermanence” Suz’s statement: I started Impermanence several years ago and continue to work with this series.  Without specifically addressing my Japanese heritage, these images are informed by Japanese art and ideas:  haiku, Buddhism, and Ikebana. I have long been inspired by poetry, in general, and haiku, in particular. These short poems are often about nature, […]

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Fotofolio – Audra J. Shields

“These are my words, essay 1” Audra’s statement: I am very comfortable in solitude and silence and have always been drawn to the more unfrequented, quiet places. My photographs are captured during the solitary moments at diverse set of places. Isolation can happen anywhere, on the prairies, in a cemetery or even a city street. […]

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Fotofolio: Enrique Leal

“A selection of photogravures” Enrique’s statement: My work focuses on apparent and sub-visible phenomena made possible through experiments with materials, media, and technologies of production, and the chance occurrences that result from their shared sympathies. This allows for new understandings of the extended creative forces of nature and the reciprocal flows between matter, process, and […]

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Fotofolio: Robert Dash

“Micro Climate Change” Robert’s statement: Humans are busy going about our lives, while nature is in shock from the choices that we make. This series is about how nature responds to climate change from a micro perspective. The images highlight the exquisite detail, mystery, vulnerability and power of nature. As a career educator, naturalist and […]

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Fotofolio – Zhao Rong-Sheng

I met Zhao in Houston this past March at FotoFest.  Here are selected photos from his Swan Series and Works of the King. Zhao’s resume: China Photographers Association member, Luoyang Photographers Association vice president, successively in “China photography”, “Photographic World”, “Chinese photographer”, “National Geographic”, “People’s Photography”, “Nikon Exploration”, “Chinese Photographic Art yearbook”. Published several papers […]

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Fotofolio – Jerry Birchfield

“Yes, They Were Made to Level” Jerry’s statement: The title, Yes, They Were Made to Level, comes from an answer to my question about the function of holes in the concrete driveway on which the exhibition was to be first installed. While concrete layers and homeowners might know perfectly well what holes in a driveway […]

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Fotofolio: Tori Gagne

“Moonlit Dance Series” Tori’s statement: The story of the horse has a long legacy in art, mythology, war, literature and more. These images poetically express the qualities a horse embodies; wildness, freedom, wisdom, power, connection, spirituality, beauty and honor the memory of the unique mark horses have made on the hearts and lives of humans. […]

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Fotofolio: Luc Busquin

“Atop the Troposphere” Luc’s statement: Inspired by Saint-Exupéry books [‘The Little Prince’], I chose to become an airline pilot. From 1926 until his death in a plane crash in 1943, Saint-Exupéry experienced the world from above, over longer times and distances than others before him. His novels and memoirs are replete with descriptions of mountains, […]

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Fotofolio – Tami Bahat

“Dramatis Personae” Tami’s statement: Dramatis Personae is an homage to the old masters: their brilliant use of light and the raw emotion of the characters portrayed. Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer… I grew up captivated by their stunning works, found hanging from museum walls but also in art books at home. I watched my father study each […]

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Fotofolio – Charlotte Niel

“Second Hand” Charlotte’s statement: Julie Winokur wrote in her essay Slow Down, Aging Ahead that “everyone wants to live a long time but no one wants to grow old.”  The passage of time, how we attempt to control it, what we do to preserve it and its impact are themes I am interested in capturing […]

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Fotofolio – Ellen Cantor

                                    “Prior Pleasures” Ellen’s statement: In an age when technology is slowly replacing the tactile experience of reading a book, my work recalls and celebrates the joy of losing oneself within the pages of a favorite childhood tale. […]

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Fotofolio – Tim Freeman

                                      “Firmament” Tim’s statement: “And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. And […]

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Fotofolio – Lars Anderson

                              “Shrouded” Lar’s statement: When I look closely at the world, I tend to see a collection of abstractions. This work is motivated by the possibility that, if enough of those elements can be assembled and arranged, something curious or sublime […]

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Fotofolio – Craig Barber

                                  “Working the Land” Craig’s statement: As our society turns increasingly towards industrial agriculture there are still those who continue a close relationship with the land and all it has to offer, be they hunters, farmers, woodsmen, gardeners, or […]

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Fotofolio: FotoFocus

                                        Selections and venue from FotoFocus Biennial 2016, The Undocument FotoFocus Biennial Photography curated exhibitions: Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living in Cincinnati.

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Fotofolio: FotoFocus

                                    Selections and venue from FotoFocus Biennial 2016, The Undocument FotoFocus Biennial Photography curated exhibitions: Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living in Cincinnati.

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Fotofolio – Carol Isaak

                                    “Optical Images” Carol’s statement: The human eye can be teased and entertained, can struggle to find what is real and what is artifice, what is on the surface and what is in deep space. I have produced […]

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Fotofolio: Max Kellenberger

              “Feld und Flur” “Feld und Flur” can freely be translated into English as “Fields and Meadows” which was inspired by the German Romanticism of the late 18th century, of poets and writers like Heinrich Heine, Friedrich Hölderlin, Joseph von Eichendorff, E.T.A. Hoffmann and others. My father often recited […]

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Fotofolio: Anna Ream

                        “Comfort Objects” A comfort object is a toy or blanket that takes on emotional importance to a child. While I did not have one as a child, my three children have each had one. Like many parents I’ve hunted for it at bedtime, […]

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Fotofolio: Sal Taylor Kydd

  “Origins” In Origins artist and photographer Sal Taylor Kydd explores the essence of childhood and how it relates to our sense of place. The work is also a reflection on time and how we become aware of change and transformation both within us and in the world around us. As the title suggests, Origins […]

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Photo Essay: Elaine Ling

“Baobob: Tree of Generations” – artist statement In some of the most arid and infertile regions of Africa, Madagascar, and Australia the Baobab tree grows to enormous size. These miraculous giants are one of the largest living things on the planet and have a potential lifespan of more than a thousand years. They are great […]

Photo Essay – Catherine Aboumrad

“Capturing Stillness” – artist statement The Great North of Canada is composed of an infinite and inaccessible number of desert spaces.  The smallness of Self within the infinitely great is a call to introspection. The serenity and silence of the place reveal a disturbing and giddy emptiness. Within this space, there is a presence called […]

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Matthew Zory

  “The Other Side of Music Hall” “As a symphony musician my time is spent in the opulent settings of a historic 19th century concert hall amidst “the remnants of a great city” as an urban renewal expert once said about the Other the Rhine area of Cincinnati. This dichotomy of haves and have-nots always […]

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Rachel Girard Reisert

Rachel Girard Reisert is an artist and educator working in Cincinnati, OH. Her work combines historic and digital photographic processes to address the complexities of perception and the intersection where personal experience is both unique and universal.  Reisert has exhibited nationally and internationally including, Canada, Italy and Hungary.  Her 6’ x 7’ Genesis piece is […]

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Michael Wilson

Editor’s Note:  Area photographer Kent Krugh, who has become Aeqai’s photography editor, and will be selecting photographers’ work from the region, nationally, and internationally and offering our readers photo essays of the work he selects for us. Michael Wilson is a freelance photographer born and raised in Cincinnati.  While known for his portraits of musicians, Wilson also produces […]

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