Jens Rosenkrantz illustrates the road-tripper’s world-view in “Small Towns and Long Views”

Road trips: an integral part of the ethos of modern man. If you haven’t taken a character-building, eye-opening road trip yourself, you’ve surely travelled — at least in spirit — with Jack Kerouac, Christopher McCandless, or Chevy Chase on their misadventures on the open road. There is a reason this story is played out over […]

“Replace With Fine Art” at the Art Academy of Cincinnati

What is God? A Westernized ideal, for one, in the monotheistic sense. But, God can also be interpreted as an energy or a sustaining force. God is universal truth, the unpredictability and breadth of the natural world, the ability of the cosmos to function — the cycles of life and death, themselves. China, like many […]

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Women of Strength at the YWCA

A purple figure faces away from me, her strong back standing at attention. One hand raised, shading her eyes as she looks on into a fiery-red dreamscape, ruminating on her path through an abstract terrain. This is “Woman,” by local abstract painter Eunshin Khang. Khang is one half of the artists being exhibited at the […]

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SOS ART and “For A Better World 2018”

What does a better world look like? In an era of pompous personalities in power and borders erected between our shared humanity, this is a question many of us are asking ourselves. Not only are we scrutinizing what a better world could look like, we are wondering how we can contribute to its formation. There […]

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