Fotofolio: Enrique Leal

October 7th, 2018  |  Published in September 2018

“A selection of photogravures”

Enrique’s statement:

My work focuses on apparent and sub-visible phenomena made possible through experiments with materials, media, and technologies of production, and the chance occurrences that result from their shared sympathies. This allows for new understandings of the extended creative forces of nature and the reciprocal flows between matter, process, and visual technologies. I explore reproductive media’s abilities to arrest, enhance and evoke the development or disappearance of particular material or physical incident’s that reveal emergent and transformative aesthetic forces.

Enrique Leal is a visual artist and Assistant Professor of Print Media at the Art Department of the University of California in Santa Cruz. Originally from Recife Brazil, Leal has worked as a printmaker in the U.S.A. and Spain. He is the recipient of printmaking fellowships from the Institute of Iberian-American Culture, the Spanish Academy in Rome, and a visiting artist/teacher at Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper, Rutgers University. Leal’s work has been exhibited and is found in collections in Argentina, Brazil, France, Hungary, Spain and the United States.

His website is

Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living in Cincinnati.






Inter-Umbra Series.Orb




Inter-Umbra Series.Guffaw




Being Vegetal I




Being Vegetal II




Inter-Umbra Series. Colavera

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