It’s From My Heart

September 28th, 2019  |  Published in September 2019

Alice Weston, farewell: Working with Alice on her book “Remembering” registered deeply with me, as Alice was an elusive character to many.

If I were to film her in a series, you would see an impassive expression with piercing eyes looking back at you, into you. Then would come a light in those eyes that signified the deliberation with which she always fashioned every response. Only then would the whole face move to express a thought, and if it amused her, a twitch around her mouth. A short prelude to a giggle would start and stop.

I did not know Alice well at the outset of what was to be months, migrating into another year, of work, but as she elaborated, the complication of both this woman and her life unfolded, much of it not recorded in the book, but resonating through her sensitivities to both vicissitudes and triumphs. Her passion for digging deeply into mysteries was evident in her series of photographs of the Indian mounds and the light, always light in everything that fascinated her, that had meaning to the seasons. “Crystals” followed that search for meaning and light in earth’s magic, and she did massive research on every project.

Above all she was shy, a strange thing to say about this much celebrated woman perhaps, but true. She could only be known to the degree that she wished, no more.

To me she was the most forthright, delightful and humorous woman I’ve known in many years. She had an infinite curiosity and a mind able to reach across disciplines to distill meaning and quietly express unique ideas about life.

—Cynthia Osborne Hoskin, author of “Fall’s Bright Flame”, available on Amazon

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