Chris Reeves

What is the Light? Doug & Mike Starn: Gravity of Light

What is the Light? Doug & Mike Starn: Gravity of Light by Chis Reeves The ambivalence towards light is something particularly relatable to this author. Having a macular condition known as Myodesopsia, aka “eye floaters,” I understand that while a bright sunny day can be a blessing, it can also be a burden. This idea […]

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100 Years From Monday: John Cage: A Centennial with Friends at Carl Solway Gallery

Carl Solway Gallery’s John Cage: A Centennial with Friends celebrates Cage’s 100th birthday by presenting a comprehensive portrait of John Cage, the 20th Century composer, writer, visual artist, and teacher. Clippings, composition scores, diary entries, notes on mycology, and seldom seen visual art stuff an entire room of the gallery showcasing not only how incredibly […]

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“Loading” Is This Thing On? At the Contemporary Arts Center

Phase One: Screen Test is the first exhibition/”phase” of an ambitious three part series entitled Is This Thing On? at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. According to the press release, Phase One: Screen Test “traces the history of performance video, showcasing the changing role of technology and new media trends”. The exhibition consists of […]

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It’s Oh So Quiet

                    Andre Alves’ Mute Motives at Semantics In the late1950s and into the 1960s, the philosophies of composer John Cage permeated the arts. Allan Kaprow took Cage’s notion of incorporating all of life into (and as) music and invented the “happening,” where the human body took […]

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Steve Kemple

Art Experience/Amusement: Steve Kemple’s recent work at Semantics Steve Kemple’s exhibition at Semantics, The World is Everything That it Isn’t, accomplishes what many exhibitions strive to do: approach difficult ideas, both in the arts, and in general, in a digestible and playful way. Kemple touches on subjects of organizational systems, simulation, function, etc. with art objects such […]

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Eric Ruschman

21st Century Pop Culture Man It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This: New Paintings – Eric Ruschman at Aisle Gallery While the rest of us, by framing our identities on social networking websites, playlists, Netflix queues, and avatars, fulfill the prophecies of dead postmodern writers who saw daily life being taken over by the effects […]