The Art of Not Giving One F*ck

Professing to let your freak flag fly and actually raising it on one’s pole for all to see are two different things. More often than not, we succumb to social standards and allow a subliminal code to dictate how we look, feel and act. We can’t help but find comfort in ordinary belonging. However, when […]

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Weapons of Mass Construction

There’s nothing funny about guns. Even the toy gun that releases a flower after the trigger is pulled is still a formidable object despite the unmistakable irony. However, Brooklyn-based artist Natalie Baxter has found a way to transform firearms into colorful sewn sculptures that makes one almost feel giddy. OK-47, currently on-view at Institute 193 […]

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Take a Trip To Joel McDonald’s Obby Obby

I want death. These are the words I uttered aloud to artist Joel McDonald during the opening of his first solo exhibition Obby Obby at Zephyr Gallery in Louisville, KY. The death I was addressing was not of the physical, but the material piece titled Die: Tunnel, which consists of a make shift bed atop […]

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The Parable of the Conceptual Artist

by Julie Gross A recent graduate art student was contemplating the ideas set forth in the Bible. As he pondered the depth of the mysterious mind of God he reached for his plenty pack of chewing gum, unwrapped a thin stick of refreshment and carefully folded it into his mouth. As his thoughts were preoccupied […]

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Burn Baby Burn

by Julie Gross It all started with a Facebook post that read, “Buy or Burn: A one-night, solo art show like none other. All of Joshua Huettig’s paintings must be bought or they will be burned. There will be dancing, fire, music and wine will be served by the gallon!” When I first read this, […]

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El Campo de Mañana at LOT Louisville

El Campo de Mañana at LOT Louisville By Julie Gross Land of Tomorrow (LOT) Louisville is known to exhibit some of the most intriguing contemporary art in the area. Works that make you scratch your head and make you want to pull out your camera phone to take a pic. The 18,000 square foot gallery […]

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