Blind and Not Afraid: Britt Hatzius

When playing ‘telephone’ as a kid there always seemed to be someone in the circle who would misinterpret the sentence, sometimes the translation was funny and sometimes it was gibberish, but it always connected those in the circle. In Britt Hatzius’ “Blind Cinema” this connection of communication became the struggle to build a world out […]

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Intimate (and Inspiring) Relations

Walking into Brazee studios Friday night the last thing I expected was to find inspiration outside of the art world, but that’s exactly what was waiting for me. As soon as I walked into the room I headed to the back installation space and was taken by Sophia Shiff’s drawing “Cordelia”. Her style may look […]

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Still Standing You

Truthfully when I walked into the CAC Thursday night I was only thinking one thing, I’m about to willingly see my first uncircumcised piece of man bits because of art. In an age where government officials and fundamentalists argue over the labeling of gendered bathrooms and most women are openly appalled at the amount of […]

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Dana Michel and the Yellow Towel

Black Hoodie. Back Turned. Hands reaching in pockets. That’s all Dana Michel did at the beginning of her performance piece. She didn’t sashay out, say a word, or turn around. Yet this simple combination seemed to symbolize more than just a casual introduction. It reminded me of the “Ferguson” painting by Titus Kaphur that graced […]

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Nanook of the North

The Woodward Theater started as a movie house and this February it lit up again with the black and white flicker of Film. The cold light of ‘Nanook of the North’ seemed to produce an uncanny feeling of familiarity, as if this space remembered its calling as a silver screen instead of a punk rock […]

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Mark Mothersbaugh at the CAC

a plastic German mask. a pile of ruby feces. the Kent state shooting Mark Mothersbaugh uses these elements, along with a horse with double hindquarters and a hoard of bird whistles, to make up the fantasy playland that is his exhibition “Myopia”. The term “myopia” refers severe nearsightedness. Mothersbaugh shared this fact at his live music performance at the Woodward […]

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Helado Negro – No Love Can Cut our Knife in Two

It isn’t my proclivity to fidget during performances but during this show was absolutely squirming in my seat. The sweet sounds of Helado Negro (which translates to ‘Black Ice Cream’) and the visual nature of the exhale dance tribe cloaked in silver strings of reflective material kept me bouncing my leg and tapping my fingers […]

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Mothersbaugh Performance at Woodward

Walking into the Woodward Theater in OTR, the first person I noticed was Quinn. We had never met before,  but judging by the swiftness of his steps and his frequent motion of hand to chin during the warm up I could tell that he had a lot to say. As it turned out,  Quinn had […]

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Daniel Arsham – “Remember the Future”

We are shaped by the events of our childhood and Daniel Arsham is no exception. During his youth in Miami, the house in which he lived came under attack from environmental forces and he watched as his home shuffled and shattered right before his very eyes. It seems that this early experience of environmental fury […]

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Albano Afonso – “Self Portrait as Light”

Looking past the light, and gazing deeply into the photography to discern the eyes, mouth, nose, and lips behind and was unable to bring the artist identity into focus. Albano Afonso choose to use light, not to highlight a strong jaw or sharp nose, but to blur the line of reality just enough to venture […]

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Letter from Savannah

Going to Savannah during the off-season felt like walking on the beach during low tide; something was missing. All the lawns were still perfectly kept, the architectural gems were on display, and the restaurants served up warm dishes daily but without the numerous tourists who flock during the summer.  The city felt smaller, private, and […]

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Letter From New York

Art week in New York has been stereotyped as an endless pit of marketable art floating in a sea of socialites perusing from pier to pier and down to Park Avenue in search of the next great buy. My experience at New York Art Week was anything but stereotypical. I visited the must-see venues such […]

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Wesselmann and Women

To a millennial, the term ‘Feminist’ has negative connotations; it brings up images of Birkenstocks, short hair, and radical views that make most conservative Midwesterners cringe. I’ve never considered myself a feminist but after seeing Tom Wesselmann’s work at the Carl Solway Gallery I have no choice but to lump myself into the category.  The […]

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Letter From Brooklyn

There is an old yiddish saying that goes something like “No-one knows whose shoe pinches except the person who is walking in them”. As a child I heard this phrase and conjured up images of my all-white KED sneakers that always gave me blisters, but I heard this phrase again while leaving Brooklyn and the […]

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MK Guth – Making Memories into More

Museums tend to be places where the public congregates to ruminate over the reminders of past people, places, and objects. Somewhere between holy awe at the importance of the items around you and an unspoken fear that with a single misstep you may knock over one of these priceless pieces, there is a certain feeling […]

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When I found out I would be traveling back to Los Angeles for the first time in 2 years I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and within an hour of landing at LAX I had arrived at my own personal mecca, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Without hesitation, I headed past […]

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