Laura P. Yoo

Laura P. Yoo is a writer who has so far spent her professional career in communications, primarily working in the museum field. She earned a B.A. in English from Butler University in 2001, and an M.A. in art history from the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning in 2007, where she specialized in contemporary art. Laura is a native Cincinnatian, and has been very involved with a number of community-based organizations including: Off the Streets, Extraordinary Women, Sarah Center, Kennedy Heights Arts Center, and others. She has worked with these groups in a number of different capacities—as a board member, fundraising and communications strategist, and as a program designer. In her writing on art, she is interested in themes of language, gender and cultural identity.

Shinji Turner-Yamamoto on the Nature of Things

Shinji Turner-Yamamoto on the Nature of Things By Laura P. Yoo Cincinnati is no stranger to the work of internationally recognized artist Shinji Turner-Yamamoto. He marveled viewers with his site-specific Hanging Garden installation (part of his larger Global Tree Project) at the Holy Cross Church in Mt. Adams in 2010. Developing site-specific work is Turner-Yamamoto’s […]

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“Performative Self-Portraits”: BODY/OBJECTS at the Carl Solway Gallery

“Performative Self-Portraits”: BODY/OBJECTS at the Carl Solway Gallery By Laura A. Partridge BODY/OBJECTS is one of three FOTOFOCUS exhibitions currently on view at the Carl Solway Gallery. It features the work of 10 photographers, including: Cindy Sherman, Anita Douthat, Sarah Charlesworth, John Coplans, Ann Hamilton, Suzy Lake, Laurel Nakadate, Amanda Means, Cynthia Greg and Hannah […]

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The Lloyd Library presents: “View, Ways of Seeing”

By: Laura A. Partridge In its history, Cincinnati has managed to accumulate a number of hidden gems. The Lloyd Library is one of them. The Lloyd is a private library that was incorporated in the late 1800s, and is located at Plum and Court streets. The collection has lived in a few different spaces as […]

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A 21st Century Sculpture Park

Spring is a time to enjoy the outdoors, and for this, one of the heartland’s leading cultural institutions, the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), is a destination. Even if you never enter the museum itself, it’s worth the trip. In 2010, the IMA opened their 100 Acres: Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. 100 […]

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Inspired by Judaica: Glass and Fabric Designs by Michael Gore

Most longtime residents of Cincinnati know that the city has a strong Jewish tradition. But did you know that it’s considered an historic center for Reform Judaism? It is, and has been for more than a century. In 1875 Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise founded the Hebrew Union College which, after merging with the Jewish Institute […]

The Miller Gallery presents Contemporary Realism

Currently on display at the Miller Gallery on Hyde Park Square, is an exhibition featuring 25 artists whose work offers outstanding examples of contemporary realist painting. A movement towards figurative painting among artists has accelerated in the past five to eight years. Whether artists are painting portraits, interiors or still lifes, the work is incredibly […]

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The Art of Daily Reflection

When I talk to people who don’t think they know very much about art, I say, “Just look. What do you see?” If someone can tell you what they physically see, and then stop to think about how it makes them feel—that’s really at the heart of any experience with art regardless of how much […]

Chris Bucher Goes the Distance at Prairie Gallery with Little Kings

The current show at Prairie Gallery, Little Kings, features documentary-style photography by Chris Bucher, who followed a group of youth boxers as they trained for the Ringside World Championships held in Kansas City, Missouri in 2008. Bucher worked with boxers who were training at a gym in Indianapolis called Jireh Sports Ministry. The kids he […]

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Gary Mitchell

                  Their Bare Feet Gives Them Away: Gary Mitchell at Gallerie Zaum There is something about a nude body that makes us want to look. All bodies are different, unique in their own way. We all have feelings about our own bodies when we look at ourselves […]

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American Impressionism

At the Taft Museum Another Impressionist show? Yawn. This might be the reaction of some who wander into the small gallery at the Taft Museum of Art featuring a new exhibition titled, American Impression from Cincinnati Collections. But after you get over first impressions, no pun intended, stop to consider the historical context of an […]

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Higher Level Art

                      Higher Level Art…you hear chatter about this artist collaborative echo through social media, you see their work all over the city, you’ve read about them. Higher Level Art founders Danny Babcock and Matthew Dayler are busy guys, and they work really hard. They seem […]

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Towhey and Storer

                      The Greenwich House Gallery’s current show, DUO, features new work by two prominent Cincinnati artists—Tom Towhey and Greg Storer. Tom Towhey’s paintings have been described as surreal fantasies—fairy tales conjuring thoughts of Alice in Wonderland. Towhey often fills his canvases edge to edge with […]

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Yvonne van Eijden

Her Universe Like a Dream Yvonne van Eijden is a painter, but as a poet she marvels at language as a social construct—recognizing its power and its limitations. In her paintings she creates a visual language centered around space, moments in time, and memory. In her poem, “Open Spaces are There,” she writes: the universe […]

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