Cynthia Osborne Hoskin lived and worked for many years on the East Coast. She presently lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and a domineering Scottie, Abigail. Her involvement with art and writing is lifelong, as a painter and printmaker, as well as having a widely diversified writing and editing career.

It’s From My Heart

Alice Weston, farewell: Working with Alice on her book “Remembering” registered deeply with me, as Alice was an elusive character to many. If I were to film her in a series, you would see an impassive expression with piercing eyes looking back at you, into you. Then would come a light in those eyes that […]

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The Domain of Cynthia Amnéus, a Collection of Human Adornment

To access the Costume and Textile Department at the Cincinnati Art Museum, you walk in one door of the elevator and later, out the opposite side. With Cynthia Amnéus, The Cincinnati Art Museum’s Associate Curator of Costume and Textiles since 1998, in the lead, I emerge to look down a shadowy hallway filled with white […]

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Happy Birthday to AEQAI – Now Open for Advertising

On March 21, a crowd of loyal AEQAI staff and friends gathered at The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, and thanks to the generosity of Katie Brass, Carnegie Director, celebrated its third year of publication. Marking this achievement, AEQAI is launching an advertising campaign, and Hyde Park’s Miller Gallery, with its prominent local and […]

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Miller Gallery – Fifty Years a Family Tradition

Miller Gallery, in the middle of the block on Erie Avenue When old friends meet after a hiatus, there is little preamble before lapsing into friendly chat. This was the case a few weeks ago between AEQAI editor Daniel Brown, and Miller Gallery’s Laura Miller Gleason and husband, Gary Gleason. The two now run the […]

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James Priest, Head Gardner at Giverny

I would like to express my thanks to my husband, Richard Hoskin, who took time off from writing his novel, as I lay feverish from the flu at home, to meet with James Priest and ask questions I had prepared and some of his own. The Gardens at Giverny, home of Claude Monet from 1883 […]

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Justine Ludwig, Young, Passionate about Art, and Assistant Curator at the CAC, Cincinnati

Justine Ludwig, Assistant Curator of the Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art, never had to confront the question: “What will I do when I grow up?” Her grandmother was an eclectic collector of art she loved, with no specific period but from all over the world, and her parents trundled her through countless […]

Phyllis Weston, Complex and Amazing Woman

Editor’s Note: I’d been away in college and graduate school between 1964-1970, returning to Cincinnati married and seeking employment while interviewing for what became my first job here (Coordinator of Cultural Affairs at The University of Cincinnati).  Two names kept surfacing as visionary arts leaders; Irma Lazarus and Phyllis Weston.  I’d known various Lazari (as […]

Man About Art – Matt Distel

Matt Distel, a lively compact young man, is a curator, gallery director and general man about art. Anything written about him only scratches the surface of his penetrating involvement in the art life of Cincinnati, from the DeLeia to the CAC, from Country Club to Publico to The Weston, Distel has had his hand in […]

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Lynne Ambrosini, Chief Curator, The Taft Museum

Bequeathed to the people of Cincinnati in 1927, along with its collections, the Taft Museum of Art opened in 1932. Once the home of Nicholas Longworth and then Charles Phelps Taft, the house was originally finished in 1820 by Martin Baum, Cincinnati’s first millionaire and founder of the Miami Exporting Company, which in 1803 became […]

Bridge to Asian Art – Dr. Hou-mei Sung

Dr. Sung has served as the curator of Asian art at the Cincinnati Art Museum since 2002. In her 2009 show, Roaring Tigers, Leaping Carp: Decoding the Symbolic Language of Chinese Animal Painting, Dr. Sung drew on ten years of research to present more than 100 paintings that illustrated the use of animal symbolism in […]

Second Chat With the Editor – “Self Expression is a Form of Narcissism”

Daniel Brown, AEQAI editor, is a writer, internationally known art critic, collector and curator, a positive stickler for clarity and above all, the objectivity that comes from true literacy. This is objectivity that flies in the face of what he sees as the present American preoccupation with “self”. Brown feels that this is a big […]

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Alice Frieder Weston, Artist, Arts Patron and Collector

Alice Frieder Weston is by no means an obscure figure now nor has she been over the many years she and husband, Harris Weston, encouraged and supported the arts and other causes in Cincinnati. Entering her living room, as she says “good morning”, one is greeted by an expanse of Carl Strauss-designed light and airy […]

An Air-Conditioner-Side Chat With the Editor

With apologies to psychiatrists and brain surgeons, I think one can watch a mind at work. The way the eyes move, the head takes up its position and the mouth forms into odd little shapes are all unmistakable clues. Some people hate computers, and this is especially true of Daniel Brown, recently installed editor of […]

Art For Change

Saad Ghosn – Art For Change as a Non-juried Enterprise Walking into the interior of Saad Ghosn’s house near The Cincinnati Zoo carries an almost physical impact, shifting from the bright leafy world of his front walk to shady rooms replete with colorful and exuberant art, some of it his own. This is the ninth […]

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Bill Seitz

A Product of His Experience Bill Seitz has all the requisite credentials, but the direction he has gone has taken on a life of its own, and he describes his work as Gallery Director at The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center (, in Covington, KY for sixteen years as “the dream job.” The Carnegie […]

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Jymi Bolden

“I Became My Dream” – Jymi Bolden What instincts guide us when we first meet other people? Is it our reading of gestural clues, a tilt of the head or an expression? Or, is it something more basic that leads one to know that Jymi Bolden is a warm, intelligent man ready for a hug? […]

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David Knight

Creative, Multi-tasking “It’s been one of those days when everything went opposite to what I expected,” says David Knight, Director of Exhibitions and Collections at Northern Kentucky University, as he sits down at his desk in the office adjacent to the gallery. He has been presiding over NKU art, in its differing incarnations, for about […]

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Benedict Leca

Curating to Delight and Inform “Hello, my name is Benedict Leca, and I am the curator of this show. Would you like me to give you a tour?” Leca visits the gallery that houses the Cincinnati Art Museum’s internationally acclaimed show Thomas Gainsborough and the Modern Woman (through January 2, 2011) two or three times […]

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Sara Vance

Art Collector and Patron Who does not have a collection? From Imelda Marcos (shoes) to Wayne Gretzky (coins), the urge to amass prized objects is widespread. When we fall in love with the tactile or the purely sensory, the things or events that talk back to us of their history, their beauty, their thrill, or […]

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Andy Stillpass

The Thrill of Conscious Collecting In a recent Interview Magazine article, one prominent artist has this to say concerning collectors: “There are awful ones and great ones. There are a few I absolutely love, like Andy Stillpass in Cincinnati. He’s one of the greatest collectors in the world because his relationship to the art is alive. He […]

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