The Failed Promise of 2021

SOS ART 2021 EXHIBIT Curated by Saad Ghosn, the 19th annual SOS show with a cohesive theme of peace and justice showcases 94 works from student artists to professionals. With the year 2020 behind them the artists were obviously drawn to the subjects of racial oppression, isolation, fear and mortality. It is interesting to see […]

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SOS Art Retrospective: 2016-2020

For their annual SOS ART 2021, the Kennedy Heights Arts center is presenting a retrospective of the past five years of SOS shows.  In a nutshell, SOS ART showcases artists who work for change, and who advocate for peace and justice with their work.  This five year retrospective includes eighty nine local artists who fall […]

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The year 2020 has shined a spotlight on the issue of racial injustice in the United States in general and police violence committed against minorities specifically.  An element of the protest against this abuse has been artwork on streets and walls and screens across the country. Posters have been created both boldly sophisticated as well […]

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Henry Lawrence Faulkner

The bohemian life and creative mission that drove Henry Lawrence Faulkner encompassed more than visual art, but it is perhaps his stylized and sometimes colorist work that most indelibly left an impression on the world.  Extraordinarily prolific, Faulkner left behind more than 5,000 works.  He was both a romantic and pragmatic, at times knowing that […]

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Bits N’ Pieces Jo Ann Berger and Suzanne Fisher Caza Sikes Gallery

Sometimes disparate styles meld together to create a more cohesive whole.  “Bits N’ Pieces” brings together Suzanne Fisher, a multimedia artist and mosaic muralist, and Jo Ann Berger, a toy designer and eclectic artist who both use found and discarded objects as well as unorthodox design to create contemporary art that borrows from the past. […]

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Printed Voices from Lebanon: Social and Cultural Reflections

Lebanon has endured a tumultuous 45 years. Transitioning from the site of the “Paris of the Middle East” to a 15 year civil war, and the presence of Syrian troops for 29 years brought traumatic changes to the Mediterranean nation.  Recent estimates for the ratio of current refugees within Lebanon place one refugee for every […]

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FRoNKenstein, iconoclastic artist Robert Fronk’s current show, is a diverse sampling of the many avenues down which Fronk’s talents and inclination have taken him.  The show combines stained glass works which have been painstakingly re-assembled to create new holy/profane images, industrial found object science fiction and fantasy sculptures, and exquisite oil paintings which layer cultural […]

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Ludlow Garage 50th Anniversary

Though the Ludlow Garage was only open for eighteen months, it has cast an outsized shadow upon the history of music in Cincinnati.  At a time when underground and what we would now call “DIY” rock clubs were at their height of popularity, the Ludlow Garage could book acts that normally played much larger venues […]

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Joseph Keckler – 21c Museum Hotel – April 13, 2019

The  Contemporary Arts Center’s inaugural performing arts festival, “This Time Tomorrow”, featured almost thirty acts over four days in April.  Spread out over Cincinnati and into Covington, the festival aimed to unite a community of patrons in time and place.  Curator of the event Drew Klein wrote “[performance’s] ephemeral nature requires a presence, an assembly, […]

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ZVIZDAL [Chernobyl- so far so close] Berlin

ZVIZDAL is the latest documentary-installation by the Dutch company Berlin.  It comprises a large double-sided projection screen over three diorama tables depicting a primitive Ukranian farmhouse.  The documentary film is interspersed with magnified footage from remote controlled cameras which move to display images of these farm dioramas on the projection screen.  The documentary itself uses […]

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STATE Ingri Fiksdal

Ingri  Fiksdal’s STATE explores the role of dance as ritual in society and was performed in the Contemporary Arts Center’s black box theatre.  Accompanied by live performance of Lasse Marhaug’s noise music soundtrack, STATE uses a combination of modern dance choreography and improvised movement to bring Fiksdal’s commentary on dance and ritual to life.  The […]

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Judi Parks “Search & Destroy” – San Francisco Punk rock 1976-79

Judi Parks’s show “Search & Destroy” consists of twenty four beautiful black and white images taken at the San Francisco club Mabuhay Gardens in the late 1970s. This was on display at Bunk House Gallery on the night of October 26th only. Parks was the bassist for the band The Blowdryers and documented what she […]

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GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World

Cincinnati Museum Center is the current host of The National Guitar Museum’s traveling exhibit designed as an ‘all ages’  display and interactive experience.  With a dual focus on the science as well as the culture of fretted instrument evolution, visitors can touch family friendly displays of the physics of string vibration as well as magnetic […]

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Raquel André Collection Of Lovers Performance and Photography

The performance of Collection Of Lovers begins with the audience filing in as André recites names over a droning and ominous soundtrack.  The recitation of this list itself drones on as André stands next to a projector and laptop.  She then begins to provide a statistical breakdown of the activities she has engaged in with […]

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Wired For Color – Cincinnati Art Galleries

‘Wired For Color’ is on display now at Cincinnati Art Galleries.  It features works by Wolfgang Ritschel and Eddie Eckenrode. Wolfgang Ritschel was an artist who grew up in and was educated in Vienna, Austria.  He explored vibrant color in a style he considered “Expressionism influenced by Fauvism”. His work included many portraits of medical […]

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Kevin Muente’s Forgotten Land

Kevin Muente’s show “Forgotten Land” is currently up at Marta Hewett Gallery, located in Cincinnati’s Pendleton neighborhood. He uses figures within these landscapes to create a narrative through single or multiple images. Often the images echo classical or referenced figures from orthodox art. Moving in a different direction from his traditional landscapes, Muente stages photos […]

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David Gerena’s History Of Graffiti Pt 1

David Gerena’s show,  History Of Graffiti Pt 1, is displayed now at Cincinnati Art Underground in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. It chronicles his early work in street art and graffiti through his current oil on canvas works in a style he terms figurative graffiti. Gerena, who grew up in the Bronx, is considered one of the pioneers […]

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