The Publication

All art communities benefit greatly from the presence of art criticism that is ‘informed, spirited, soulful’ (Charlie Rose). ÆQAI seeks to fill the void in the Greater Cincinnati region for this kind of critical discourse. The journal offers articles to invigorate the imagination and thought of our readers while stimulating artists and curators to produce better artworks and exhibitions.


ÆQAI (pronounced ‘I’ as in ‘bite ‘ and ‘qai ‘ as in ‘sKY’ ) is a Cincinnati-based e-journal for critical thinking, review and reflective prose on contemporary visual art. The word ‘ÆQAI’ was selected as a mispelling from a reprint of Livy’s text for the ‘Aequi.’ The Aequi were the peoples that Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus of ancient Rome conquered upon his famous brief tenure as a ‘temporary’ dictator. He crushed their rebellion and then reintegrated them into the burgeoning empire. It is a playful analogy to the artist community since it implies the inevitable incorporation of the avant garde into mainstream culture. We creatives are the Aequi.

Please note that we are not a blog. This journal operates within the tradition of monthly periodicals. We use a blogging platform due to the ease of programming and the usefulness of an ongoing news section.

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