THE CASTLE OF DEBRIS —Tatsuya Tatsuta’s formative abstract representation of Lacanian desire

“There are only 2 tragedies in life: not getting what one desires, and getting it.” —Oscar Wilde The Castle of Debris is situated first from the entrance to the large exhibition hall in Tokyo’s National Art Centre. Piled on the floor are the ‘monad’ pieces of heat-transformed polystyrene, burned and melted from identical and flat […]

Re-Monad: ‘My approach to re-interpretation.’ The work of Fukui formative abstract artist Tatsuya Tatsuta

His art is created in a compact 2–building atelier with a circular yard fringed by manicured black pines. The yard’s entrance faces southwest at the foot of Fukui’s Mt. Hachiman, one of three mountains clustered just south of the Asuwa River, and from which the renowned blue shakudani stone has been mined for 1,500 years. […]