Letter to the Editor- Kudos from New York

September 21st, 2011  |  Published in Announcements

I am a New York resident who counts myself fortunate to receive AEQAI. Your latest issue is truly amazing in its scope, made even more remarkable when you consider that it is produced entirely gratis. Every artistic organization in America should study AEQAI at this time of massive declines in public support when paid staffs and publications are bottom-line victims.

Having a group of committed artists who share a desire to communicate and inspire, not just
visually, but also with words, is most unusual. In doing so they are broadening their opportunities
to reach potential supporters and collectors, not only for their own creations, but for *all* members
of Cincinnati’s thriving artistic community.

How can anyone read Cynthia Hoskin’s excellent profile of Dr. Sung and not contribute
to making her quest to expand the Asian art collection at CAM a reality? Dr. Sung’s insightful
explanation of the difference between Chinese and Western art is fascinating– a true eye-opener,
and I know that others share my desire to know more.

Again, congratulations to all of the contributors of AEQAI!
Victoria Harris

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