Symposium on Modern Architecture in the Midwest

February 18th, 2013  |  Published in Announcements

Save the Date: Symposium on Modern Architecture in the Midwest
April 24 and 25, 2013
ASM Headquarters and Geodesic Dome near Cleveland, OH will be featured.
CPA is proud to announce a symposium at the Rauh House!

“Preserving Modern Architecture in the Midwest: a Two-Day Symposium at the Rauh House” will highlight the opportunities and challenges of preserving the recent past.

The first day will focus on identifying the Modernist legacy, including the forces that shaped it, the design objectives of the pioneers, and the defining characteristics of the style. The second day of the conference will focus on conserving the legacy by reviewing current preservation efforts in the Midwest, challenges to saving modern architectural landmarks, and emerging opportunities for preservation.

Cincinnati Preservation Association initiated “Preserving Modern Architecture in the Midwest” to celebrate the gift of the Frederick and Harriet Rauh House by Emily Rauh Pulitzer. The gift of the 1938 International Style house designed by architect John Becker included funds for the restoration of the house and landscape. The property will serve as the venue for the symposium.

Watch our website for more information. Early registration will be available in the near future.

Paul Goldberger to Deliver Keynote at Union Terminal
Author and architectural critic Paul Goldberger will speak on the preservation of modern architecture at Reakirt Auditorium on Thursday evening, April 25, 2013
Paul Goldberger, a Pulitzer Prize winning author and contributing editor at Vanity Fair is speaking as part of the conference but tickets may be purchased for just the lecture. We are pleased to invite Mr. Goldberger to Cincinnati.

More information about registering for this lecture and the Modernism Symposium will be available soon at
Spring House Tour to be Held on April 27
Tour will feature Rauh House in Woodlawn
It’s almost that time again; we will be sending out invitations to our Upstairs Downstairs Historic House Tour very soon. The highlight of the tour will be the newly restored Rauh House in Woodlawn. The tour will take place from 1 PM until 5 PM on Saturday, April 27. More information will be posted on our the Spring House tour page of our website soon.

If you would like to receive an invitation, please call 513.721.4506 or email

Buying and Renovating a Vacant House
March program to be held on March 30
hauck hosue A vacant, decaying house, full of potential and pitfalls, has caught your eye. How do you bring it from blight to right? Learn how to obtain a VBML, keep the building secure, get approval for partial occupancy, work with contractors, and more. There are thousands of empty buildings in Cincinnati: Make one your own.

“Buying and Renovating a Vacant House” is presented by Edward Cunningham, Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Division Manager with the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, Department of Community Development. He has worked and trained in the housing field for over 38 years, including 25 years with the City. Mr. Cunningham is past president of the Southwestern Ohio Building Officials Association and a Certified Building Official in the State of Ohio.

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