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by Susan Amis


Yellow Colored Glasses

The yellow glasses I found in Bellevue, Kentucky aren’t those from the Beatles’ famous Sargent Pepper’s song. The first thing I saw on a cloudy spring day in the seemingly ordinary town of Bellevue, Kentucky, were some unordinary yellow goblets. To me, the goblets were vintage treasures. At first glance the yellow surprised me. My subconscious mind kicked my emotions into gear, while my conscious mind started contemplating what a full bodied red wine would look like in this glass. Would clear sparkling water seem to be lemony? With my imagination now captivated by these yellow glasses, I knew I must buy them.

With my purchase in hand and the tone now set, I was ready to discover what else Bellevue had to offer. As I strolled along tree-lined Fairfield Ave., the main street of Bellevue, I found myself surrounded by a special mix of home and garden finds, seasonal decor, and antique rarities. Eventually, I made my way into another store filled with riches. As my mind finished processing the items throughout the store, my eyes took sudden notice of the images that abounded on the walls of the store. They were everywhere: optical illusions, three dimensional paintings, trompe-l’oeil (derived from French meaning “to fool the eye”) at its best.

Tromp-l’oeil painting acknowledges that the viewer understands the difference between reality and non-reality and then toys with that dichotomy. But I was in Bellevue, Kentucky, a place I would not expect to encounter French-monikered mind tricks. As I once read, I was ”having a much larger cerebral endeavor than I expected”!A brief inquiry revealed that the store(Interior Visions) is owned by Curtis Heuser, one of the Midwest’s premier decorative artists. He specializes in fine mural and trompe-l’oeil techniques. Curtis took the time to show me his portfolios that he keeps in the store. They hold one illusion after another. He has over 20 years of experience and is still embracing his talent for artistically fooling the eye. I was left speechless, which is rare for an avid conversationalist.

Tromp-l’oeil has been well represented from the Greek and Roman times to perspective drawings during the Renaissance. In more recent times, but before the advent of green screens and computer generated imagery, Tromp-l’oeil has filled practical needs: in the classic movie Singing in the Rain (1954), Donald O’Connor appears to be dancing down a hallway when he is in fact just dancing in front of a cleverly painted wall.  Today’s youngest generation continues to keep Trompe-l’oeil alive through the creation of 3D street art. The designs are not only breathtaking but also perceptually stimulating. Just like my yellow goblets.

You might be aware that the human eye is more sensitive to light in the yellow part of the spectrum. It’s as if more light is reaching the eye. When you have been skiing on a cloudy day you are always glad to have the yellow lenses on your goggles to help you see the slope, even on the bunny hill where you might find me.  While it was the yellow glasses I found in Bellevue, on a cloudy spring day, that first caught my eye and brightened up my view, it was only the beginning of a day that titillated my mind and my dazzled my senses!

So hurry to Bellevue to explore the hidden treasures in the shops, art galleries, cafes, and tea houses.

I left a few behind. I was taught to share.


  1. Joanna Maehren says:

    May 12th, 2013at 8:26 pm(#)

    Love your comments about Bellevue and my wonderfully talented friend Curtis…thanks for sharing!

  2. Ms Martinez says:

    May 13th, 2013at 8:05 am(#)

    I was fortunate enough to find Bellevue about 5 years ago. It is a little river town that continues to grow and change before my eyes, but I found Interior Visions and artist, Curt Heuser, to be my favorite shop on the avenue. The shop continually changes its unique, one-of-a-kind finds and is always well displayed and reasonably priced. Bellevue also has very friendly shop owners and many good places to eat whether it be for a quick bite, a sweet treat or an elegant dinner. Bellevue surely is a a destination place to spend a day. My kind of place.

  3. Barb Wiedeman says:

    May 14th, 2013at 12:05 pm(#)

    Curt is indeed one of Bellevue’s many treasures

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    May 27th, 2013at 2:35 am(#)


    AEQAI < Liked it!