Hatred will always be overshadowed by ‘Life’ and the good

April 21st, 2014  |  Published in Announcements








Rita Blitt’s sculpture “L’Chaim: To Life” looking out toward the parking lot of the JCC in suburban KC where shooting took place.

In response to my plea for help in ridding the world of guns and hatred, Dr. Marcia McFee wrote:

“Rita — So deeply good to hear from you, even at such a sad moment. The tragic events at the JCC ( shootings in suburban Kansas City, Overland Park, Kansas) have really shaken so many, of course, smart drugs online across lines of faith.

I can’t help but remind myself that even though this awful act of hatred happened in the shadow of your powerful ‘L’Chaim’ sculpture, that hatred will always be overshadowed by “Life” and the good. This is a faith tenet shared across all compassionate faith traditions. And so your request about a response is exactly the way that L’Chaim indeed overshadows evil.”

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