Rachel Girard Reisert

December 22nd, 2015  |  Published in December 2015

Rachel Girard Reisert is an artist and educator working in Cincinnati, OH. Her work combines historic and digital photographic processes to address the complexities of perception and the intersection where personal experience is both unique and universal.  Reisert has exhibited nationally and internationally including, Canada, Italy and Hungary.  Her 6’ x 7’ Genesis piece is an installation of thirty-five individual cyanotype prints on kozo paper.  Each of the Traces pieces are four cyanotypes.

From Reisert’s statements about her work:

My current work investigates the correlation between the light trace of the photographic image and the mark-making process of drawing. I consider the subtractive and additive qualities of each medium through imagery of the tree.

For the wall-size piece, Genesis, the camera serves as the mark-making tool. Each frame acts as a line from a pencil or pen to form a whole from many parts.  The resulting image, subtractions from many landscapes combining as one, questions the quality of the photographic medium to represent a visual truth.  In Traces, I explore the mark left on paper by creating rubbings of tree bark. The impression becomes the negative and is transformed into a positive photographic rendering where the subject matter of the image remains ambiguous and uncertain.

Rachel ‘s website is http://www.rachelgirardreisert.com/.





Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living in Cincinnati.

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