Aeqai Fundraiser 2016

November 19th, 2016  |  Published in Announcements

These works of art are for sale. Place your bid through email with Cedric Michael Cox at so we can keep you posted. Thanks for your support!


By: Kim Rae Taylor
8 x 20 inches
mix media collage on canvas
Minimum Bid: $100


By: Jan Brown Checco
26 x 22 inches with frame
Minimum Bid: $150


“Ethnospeze” By: Tammy Gambrel
Oil on Burch
Minimum Bid: $200


“Listen to me said the Bee” By: Michael Hurst
13 x 19 inches
Charcoal on wood panel
Minimum Bid: $200


“The Conference of Birds” By: Laurel Garcia Colvin
32 x 23 inches with frame
mix media
Minimum Bid: $250


“Bottle with Palette Knife” By: Greg Storer
7 x 5 inches
Oil on panel
Minimum Bid: $100


“Birth and Death” By: Jame Alden Stevens
Photo on Linen
45 x 29 inches
Minimum Bid: $400


“Little Orange Tree” By: Lynn Carden
12 x 11 1/2 inches with frame
Water color
Minimum Bid: $200


“Yellow Sky”-2015 By: Kevin T. Kelly
12 x 17 inches
Digitally painted print on metal
Minimum Bid: $1,200


By: James Oberschlake
18 x 24 inches with frame
Oil on collage
Minimum Bid: $200


By: Dan Newman
19 x 23 with frame
Minimum Bid: $150


“Life’s Cycle” By: Frank Satogata
24 x 30 inches
Oil on canvas
Minimum Bid: $400


“A Robots Dream” By: Saad Ghosn
12 1/2 x 16 1/2 with frame
wood cut print on paper
Minimum Bid: $75


“Vibrant Meadow” By: Trish Weeks
12 x 12 inches
Oil on canvas
Minimum Bid: $200


“Bad Jamah Momma” By: Thom Shaw
36 x 36 inches image size
mix media on paper dry mounted to Matt board
Minimum Bid: $350



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