But the Box has 6

Manifest Gallery’s current exhibition The Five Themes Project is an expansive undertaking; not unlike re-inventing the Whole Earth Catalog. This time, however, it’s not about self-sufficiency and ecology but perceptions about the world and mankind’s relationship with it. The five themes – Wilderness→ Rural→ Suburban→ Urban→ Post-Urban – are installed as a somewhat chronological survey […]

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What is?

What is? By Cole Carothers -ism, -ion, -non, neo, -un, anti-, pro-. Create new words, agendas, manifestos, or movements. Then, with branding in place, promote. Bring the manufacturers together with your clients and vendors; consultants, critics, the cognoscenti, and curators. Let the galleries, museums and every other art starved location or fund raising event you […]

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The Bible tells the story of Adam and Eve (mankind) expelled from the Garden of Eden for picking fruit from the tree of knowledge. Katie St. Clairʼs, The Hierarchy of Living Things gives us little comfort in whatever knowledge we have gleaned from that singular fruit. Here, naked as the day she was born, a […]

Observed: a review by Cole Carothers

In Manifest Gallery’s current exhibition, Observed, 18 artists explore the act of seeing and working from direct observation in graphite, pastel, oil paint, digital media and video. Their subjects are seen as close as arms’ length to a distance of miles with one artist delving into animate forms drawn from the nebulous space of wavelengths […]