Pulling Off All the Old Masks Just to See the Flowers Bloom Again Tres Taylor at Caza Sikes Gallery

This show at the Caza Sikes gallery in Oakley consists of eight large works meant to be viewed in a specific order, as the central subject in each, a monk, makes a journey of self-discovery.  Tres Taylor, a biochemist and now a self-taught artist living in Alabama, prepared a statement for his show about the […]

Out of the Dark, Kurt Grannan at Wash Park Art Gallery

  The impression that stays with you after viewing Kurt Grannan’s show at Wash Park Art is of figures with white faces, holding poses and commanding you to pay attention to the meaning of their performed identities.  This exhibit of thirteen mostly figurative oil paintings demonstrates versatility in subject matter and technique.  An Assistant Professor […]

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As in the Mirror: Self-Portraits by Ellina Chetverikova at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center

In her thought-provoking show at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center Ellina Chetverikova, who immigrated to the United States from Ukraine to continue her study of art, offers sixteen self-portraits.  The largest is 10X12; many are much smaller.  The considerable power of the show derives from the cumulative effect of a woman looking at herself repeatedly, […]

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Clavilux: Paintings by Cedric Michael Cox at Cincinnati Art Underground

In his most characteristic paintings, Cedric Cox fractures the world in order to bring it to a new whole.  The recent work of this gifted local artist is on display in a solo exhibition at the Cincinnati Art Underground through January 13, 2018.  The exhibit includes twelve large canvases and several smaller works.  Cox completed […]

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“Land, Light, Lustre” Mary Woodworth, Andrea Knarr, and Didem Mert at the YWCA Women’s Art Gallery

The three artists in this elegantly mounted show at the YWCA Women’s Art Gallery produce powerful effects on a small scale.  The visual appeal of their work results from the details they apply to each piece with meticulous care.  However, the natural, at times rough-hewn, manner in which they approach color, shape, and texture gives […]

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Explorations in Color

This show in the Main Art Gallery of the Fine Arts Center at Northern Kentucky University features four Cincinnati artists, Mike Agricola, Tina Tammaro, Celia Yost, and Amy Greene-Miyakawa. As his title indicates, gallery director David Knight selected works by these artists, all of whom are friends, in which color is a key element. The […]

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Resolutions: 1. More Art

To start the new year right, Wash Park Art Gallery offers an exhibit of twenty artists, both painters and photographers, that will run through February 18. Holly Doan Spraul, gallery owner and curator, has covered the walls of this 19th century house with as many works as possible. One painting even hangs in the bathroom. […]

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Life in the Woods: Evocative Landscapes by Kevin Muente

Depending on where you stand when you view them, Kevin Muente’s landscapes can be two different paintings.  When seen from a distance, they initially appear to be works of almost photographic realism.  When you get close to the paintings and notice his finely detailed brush strokes, the formal composition of the work dissolves.  Forest trees […]

Bridging Cultures

Bridging Cultures, which will run at the C-Link Gallery at Brazee Street Studios through October 7, brings together the work of three Cincinnati artists, Eunshin Khang, Bukang Kim, and Frank Satogata.  The exhibit explores their joint identities as Asian American painters.  Western influenced work hangs in the main room of the gallery and Eastern influenced […]

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Dennison W. Griffith: Another World

The exhibition of paintings by Dennison W. Griffith at the Weston Art Gallery in the Aronoff Center reminds us of some fundamental truths about life and about art.  Griffith, a prominent Ohio artist and arts administrator for almost forty years, died of cancer on January 18 at age 63.  In the fall of 2013 he […]

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Edward Wolfley: Reflections on a Journey

A sustained career in the arts—creating new work decade after decade—is always a remarkable achievement.  When such a body of work is brought together, we can see the artist’s creative impulse burst open, grow, mature, and, finally, in rare cases, move beyond formal conventions and assumptions about subject matter to reach a truly personal realm.  […]

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Ahora Cuba

The story behind this exhibition, which runs through April 29 at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, is important.  In June 2015 Cincinnati artists M. Katherine Hurley and Jens G. Rosenkrantz, Jr., visited Havana for a week as part of a people-to-people cultural exchange, the only legal way for Americans to travel to Cuba.  Such travel […]

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Releasing Cuba

From March 3 to 9, 2016, I traveled to Cuba, one in a group of 21 Americans and two Canadians.  This immersion in a different culture, landscape, and climate was an intense experience for me.  Cuba, for all its differences, is so close to the U.S. that I never left the time zone where I […]

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Last Splash of Color

From the moment you ascend the staircase at the YWCA Women’s Art Gallery to see “Last Splash of Color,” you are struck by a sense of harmony.  This is due in part to similarities in the color palettes used by Susan Mahan, Paula Wiggins, and Ursula Brenner, three highly-skilled, well-established Cincinnati artists.  But color alone […]

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