The places you can go these days are few and far between.  With the outdoors our now fondest of friends, CampSITE is a hand worth holding, or beholding from a safe distance.  Located in the neighborhood of Camp Washington, the sculpture park is a landmark for the creative community and beyond.  It’s natural setting being […]

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Carried across the country by a Seattle transplant, a little piece of Cincinnati finds its way into the Emerald City’s soil.  Now on display at Specialist, a gallery and artist-run space, artist Jay Stern features his first solo exhibition: I Remember Feeling Far.  With a centrally creative background, Stern has worked in the industries of […]

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Kevin White Retrospective

Nestled in the niche neighborhood of Northside, Visionaries + Voices (V+V) is home to Kevin White, a contemporary and founding artist of the ability-forward hub.  A solo-show of his work to date, Kevin White Retrospective catalogs the oeuvre of the prolific and present-day artist.  Installations, paintings, and live-art comprise the show, as well as photographs […]

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"Art School"

I’ll never forget my first day of art school.  It was my freshman year at UC’s DAAP and I had been instructed by my professors to bring with me a laundry list of art supplies to my various studios.  What resulted was a portfolio full of the usual inventory: pads of drawing paper, a T-Square, […]

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Truth or Dare: A Reality Show

On display now at 21c Museum is Truth or Dare: A Reality Show.  Featuring work from around the world, the exhibition is host to over fifty artists bringing with them messages and milestones from their homelands. From photographs and installations to sculptures and video, the exhibition is saturated with political, social, and cultural commentaries.  Serving […]

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Running With Freedom

If there’s one thing the Taft Museum of Art is known for, it’s the museum’s history.  Home to the art archive of late and great Cincinnatians Charles and Anna Sinton Taft, the museum is a history rich capsule of people, place, and objects.  Making her mark among the masters and makers is Duncanson artist- in […]

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Viscosity Series

Bookending the extensive career of Henri Matisse was his phenomenal series known as the cut-outs.  Making their way to the art scene in the 1940s and 50s, these works surprised and surpassed many of his past contributions.   As Matisse journeyed into this new and final territory, he unearthed successful discoveries still yet to be realized […]


The most functional items in our lives go unnoticed. The more functional, the more indistinguishable they are from our daily routine. When the doorknob breaks, we are frozen in frustration and fury at our immobility. When the doorknob works, we pass through each frame of our day forgetting the one before. The artists of UnFunction […]

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The Power of Us

Nestled in the bustling business district of Oakley Square, C-LINK Gallery is host to The Power of Us and all its fem glory. On display all too briefly, this socially centric exhibition features fifteen artists from May 11 – June 2 of this year. Extracting optimism from the formidable, curator Pam Kravetz brings together a […]

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Connie Sullivan’s "Ripples Through Time"

Connie Sullivan’s Ripples Through Time stood somewhat as a mystery.  In an unannotated room, you are greeted with only her name, the exhibition title, and the compilation of archival lenticular prints to follow.  Paired two by two, her artwork is staggered through the descending walls of HudsonJones gallery in Camp Washington.   As you weave your […]

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Domestic Departures

Kennedy Heights Arts Center (KHAC) is host to artist in residence Susan Byrnes and her nostalgic narrative: Domestic Departures.  Conjuring the ever personal yet universal experience of home, her body of work engages the topic through a myriad of mediums, including sculpture, sound, performance, and more. From the historic 19th century architecture to the doorbell […]

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Engendering Identity: LGBTQ (and u) at Wash Park Art

Gender is one of the first assessments we make. How does this instinctive process affect self identity and imposed identity? What happens if the self’s and society’s assessments conflict? Are we simply male or female? Why do we assign gender to objects? What is male? What is female? Why does it matter?   Printed on […]

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Happy Limbo of Suspended Metaphors

First Impressions Looking at a body of work is like looking at a person.  As the acquaintance (or viewer) you are given clues about the person but without context, you’re shown their present with no sense of the past, and it’s up to you to piece it all together into one sum of a human.  […]

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"Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie"

In the words of 1970’s hardcore punk band, Black Flag, Gimmie Gimmie Gimme is “a loaded gun.”  Dealing with everything from civil rights to Watergate, from feminist to schizophrenics, the exhibition narrates the human experience on many (many) levels.  With such weighty topics, the gallery makes an even bolder move in toying with the structure […]

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The Art Academy of Cincinnati presents Jane Carver’s Nobody Home, on display now through October 30th.

Walking us through the ephemeral life of a one hundred year old house and the people who have called it home, this exposition is imaginative and experiential.  Carver’s contemplation of place and memory are at times sought through the audaciousness of a child, and at others, through the modesty of a layman.  Her approach gives […]

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Unknown Elements

Unknown Elements is this strange passage of time.  Walking into the quaint exhibition space is as if walking into a long lost living room.  Images of family members grace the walls, ranging from a war-time portrait of your heroic uncle to your mother’s failed attempt at documenting your annual vacation out West; from monochromatic flash […]

Medicine Illuminated

A cross-disciplinary collection at it’s finest, Medicine Illuminated is a visual narrative of social, moral, and spiritual movements as they pertain to the medical field.  Rich with content, this exhibition has a wealth of works that trail the history of medicinal care, theories, and misconceptions.  At the heart of each work is the notion that […]

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Post Fabrication at Wave Pool Gallery

Entering a new space is always an interesting experience.  Whether it is a friend’s home or public building, you are faced with the task of conjuring up conclusions about that person or place based off of the physical elements around you – the interior structure, the smell, the reverberation in the wood as you walk […]

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Based on a True Story

The term “based on a true story” gives promise of an almost reality, while lending full disclosure that what’s before you is not teeming with truth; and herein lies the most humbling preface for an exhibition about history.  Artists Frohawk Two Feathers and Duke Riley navigate the world of the omitted, the imagined, and the […]

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Face First, Extremities, and Losing Your Head at Manifest Gallery

Through a multi-dimensional compilation of works, Manifest Gallery presents a topically divided but conceptually supportive examination of the human form in three exhibitions.  Indulging in long pursued studies of humanity, the artists of Face First, Extremities, and Losing Your Head, give way to surprising and didactic work.   The technical achievements of some of the artists […]

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One-Eyed Thief

Intellect and wit are a potent pair, and Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs have both. An exquisite composite of their work, The One-Eyed Thief, showcases the vast expanse of photography as a medium.  Onorato and Krebs weigh our value system as a culture through our relationship to imagery.  They reckon with a medium that has […]

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Michael Sailstorfer: Every Piece is a New Problem

A dip into the waters of sculptural history reveals a spectrum of works ranging from the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius (erected somewhere between 176 and 180 AD) to Dieter Roth’s 1972 biodegradable rabbit (excreted probably that same year).  What defines sculpture as sculpture is ever evolving, and right there, swaying between dry land and […]

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Carl Solway Gallery Review

By Hannah Leow Story is an unmatched force.  Stories possess the power to transcend time, to connect human experience, to cross cultures, to resonate on both individual and global scales, to permeate emotion and logic, to unite adversaries, to shift perspectives, to revitalize past, present (especially present), and to renew the future. Collated on the […]

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