Fran Watson Tribute Exhibit and Sale Jan. 8

The children of Fran Watson will host a tribute exhibit and sale of Fran’s best paintings Sunday, January 8, 2017, from 2:00 – 5:00 at Sandra Small Gallery, 124 West Pike Street, Covington, Ky. Two dozen paintings will be exhibited and sold on a first-come-first-served basis. These paintings have a retail value that is commensurate […]

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“Jim Killy: Mostly Wood”

“Jim Killy: Mostly Wood” By Larry Watson As I began to wander the gallery at Brazee Studios, a young lady, Kayla, age 7, starts interacting with the sculptures with little hesitation, immediately reaching up and sliding the half-brick forward on a long, metal track, while instructing her mother to do the same with the opposing […]

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Betwixt & Between

Betwixt & Between Painting by Jean Mehdi Grangeon of Broken Daisy Studio & glass work by Darryl Berry at Marta Hewett Gallery By Larry Watson When I entered the Marta Hewett Gallery to see this exhibition of glass by Darryl Berry and paintings by Jean Mehdi Grangeon,  the two exhibitions seem to work seamlessly together, […]

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“Camera-Shy: Photographs and an Installation at Thunder-Sky, Inc.”

“Camera-Shy: Photographs and an Installation at Thunder-Sky, Inc.” By Larry Watson In the multimedia installation at Thunder-Sky, Inc., Mary Pember has assembled a historical “snapshot” of her experience as a part of the Native American paradox for her and for her mother. This installation, “Digital Wigwam” stretches the medium of photography into a personal experience […]

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The Art of Sound: Four Centuries of Musical Instruments

By Larry Watson Cincinnati Art Museum June 16-September 12, 2012 When viewing works that have a function, one wonders  whether  there is a critical distinction between art and craft; between creativity and structural formulas; between innovation and “form follows function?” The exhibit at the CAM gathers musical instruments from around the globe and across the […]

“Diaspora/Miasma” at Marta Hewitt Gallery

Dichotomy and paradox often create the tension in representational artwork, taking us beyond the visual depictions in the work and tapping into our visceral connections. And so it is with the exhibit “Diaspora/Miasma” on exhibit at Marta Hewett Gallery March 30 through  May 19th.  Both Kevin Veara and Eoin Breadon have brought us to awareness […]

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“The Artist’s Craft” at The Carnegie

Though hardly indicative of the full breadth of contemporary craft art, the diversity of work presented in the “The Artist’s Craft” exhibit at The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center is a window into the ability of artists to use traditional materials to create surprising compositions that challenge, and resonate with, the viewers sensibilities. Arturo […]

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