In Memoriam: Daniel Brown

August 17th, 2021  |  Published in Announcements

A true champion in the Arts Community in Cincinnati and beyond, Daniel Brown, passed away August 10th, 2021.  Daniel was a friend and mentor to all.  As the Board President of Aeqai, I had the honor of working with Daniel and built a friendship that lasted over a decade. Daniel Brown was an innovative, independent art advisor, widely published art critic, and freelance curator.  He had a Bachelor of Arts from Middlebury College, a Master of Arts from the University of Michigan, and completed postgraduate work at Princeton University.  He maintained a successful career in the creative arts field for more than four decades.  Throughout his career, he garnered leadership skills in a variety of roles from being the director of cultural events and serving as special assistant to the President at the University of Cincinnati to serving as the vice president, corporate secretary, and secretary/treasurer of Brockton Shoe Trimmings, Inc. which is a multi-generational family business.  He served on 11 boards of trustees.  He has been a lecturer at the University of Cincinnati, teaching several full-time classes, and guest lectured regularly at the Art Academy of Cincinnati for 20 years.

Mr. Brown has utilized his passion and creative prowess to earn many curatorial positions with commercial galleries and non-profit arts institutions in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Kansas City, Missouri, including the inner-city based Arts Consortium, the Children’s Wellness Center, the Christ Hospital, Maple Knoll Retirement Community, Katz and Dawgs Gallery in Columbus, and the Women’s Exchange in Kansas City, among many others.  He built private and corporate art collections for over 10 years all over America as an independent art advisor.  He has written dozens of catalogues and essays for museums, commercial galleries, and individual artists.  His own collection of contemporary art has traveled widely.  His criticism and essays have been published in mainstream newspapers and specialized art magazines in Cincinnati and other parts of the Midwest since 1976.  He also served as an art critic for the local affiliate television stations, CBS and ABC, from 1986 through 1989, and as editor-in-chief of Antenna Arts Magazine and AEQAI, which is an international online journal of the visual arts since 2009.  Daniel has been a member of the International Society of Arts Critics in Paris and New York.

Daniel, your impact on the Arts World has been vast, and your presence will be missed.


Cedric Michael Cox

President of Cincinnati’s International Arts Journal, Aeqai

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