Alan D Pocaro

Alan D. Pocaro is an artist, educator, and writer living in Cincinnati, Ohio. His work has been featured in numerous local and regional publications, and he has been the recipient of several awards. A native of Cleveland, Pocaro has studied at four Ohio universities and has received degrees from three of them. Pocaro holds an MFA in Studio Art from Miami University, an MA in Education from the University of Akron, a BFA in Art History from Ohio University, and is currently adjunct faculty at both the Art Academy of Cincinnati and Miami University. Pocaro is associated with the New Aesthetics movement, an informal group of artists and writers who emphasize the physical and material nature of art. Alan can be found discreetly making his way around the city, often in a jacket with a button.

Beast Friends: Michael Scheurer and Lizzy Renschler at AISLE

Currently on view at AISLE in the West End, Fiends is a two-person show featuring works by veteran collagist Michael Scheurer and newcomer Lizzy Renschler. If you’ve been paying even a modicum of attention, it should be clear to you by now that Scheurer has become a hot property. In the past year the artist’s […]

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Born Again

Tawara Yusaku at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I received a copy of Benjamin Hoff’s The Tao of Pooh when I was in the seventh grade. The book, an introduction to Eastern thought in general and Taoism in particular, came as a revelation to my young mind. For the first time I encountered a belief […]

Curious George

“A Fine Line” at Malton Gallery Richard Allan George might be one of the most remarkable painters that you’ve never heard of. Born in Chicago in 1935, Richard George spent three years at the Art Students League under the tutelage of the legendary Frank Reilly before going on to graduate studies at Miami University. Later […]

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Harry Reisiger at The Phyllis Weston Gallery Clement Greenberg once said that “the superior artist is one who knows how to be influenced” and the current survey of paintings by the late Harry Reisiger reveals just such an artist. Born in 1922, Reisiger studied at both the Art Academy and the University of Cincinnati, eventually […]

Meet The New Century

Same as the old century. (thankfully) Anytime an exhibition promises The New –whether by title or press release- I hear alarm bells.  My immediate thoughts conjure up images of artworks that question, examine, provoke, or reconsider some previously ill-considered idea; and above all else, I expect to have my expectations challenged.  So when I received […]

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Susan Schuler

The Deep Blue Sea. Water Garden, a new exhibition of paintings by area artist Susan Schuler opened this past weekend (April 29, 2011) at the Malton Gallery.  Schuler has gained a reputation for her brash palette and a gestural approach to painting that echo’s what critic Clement Greenberg once referred to as “the tenth street […]

Things Fall Apart

Nam June Paik and the Conservation of Video Sculpture A Symposium at DAAP Conserving the pioneering work of artist Nam June Paik was the subject of this past weekend’s symposium at The University of Cincinnati. Made possible by a grant from the Getty Foundation, artists, curators, and academics from across the nation and as far […]

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CAC’s Shinji Turner-Yamamoto: Disappearances from CincyCAC on Vimeo.

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Space Odyssey

Selections from the International Drawing Annual 6 This year’s Selections from the International Drawing Annual 6 at Manifest Gallery boil down to a duel between two conceptions of pictorial space. On one side, representing a traditional approach to an illusionistic environment is Lance Moon’s 34” X 46” graphite on paper Untitled (Child With Bull).  On […]

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Shifting Beneath Our Feet

A Theory of Context and the Failure of the Ready-made. The ready-made is so entrenched in contemporary practice that its status is canonical.  So much of today’s  -and yesterday’s- conceptually driven work would be unimaginable without it, and yet by redefining art making for the past half-century or more, the ready-made has become emblematic of […]

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Aaron Cowan

The Stories We Tell On January 7, Aaron Cowan wrapped up a respectable exhibition of new paintings at Aisle Gallery. The works on display –some exquisite, some ordinary- were predicated on an elaborate mapping mechanism developed by Cowan. Daily activity was collated, categorized, and compressed into a system of color codes deployed across the surface […]

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Fire In The Sky

  Looking Upward at Manifest Gallery Ivan Fortushniak returns to Manifest Gallery this month with a solo exhibition of 15 modest sized works that range from the prosaic to the superb. A god in his own way, Fortushniak fashions painted worlds that resonate with ambiguity and unease. In his universe figures from the past stare […]

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Waseem Touma and Dronex Inc.

Disparate Lives Appropriately titled, UN related: A Giant Cap Gun and White Discs on view at Museum Gallery Gallery Museum features the work of Australia native Waseem Touma and the Lexington, Kentucky based pseudonymous corporate organization Dronex Inc. In addition to being formally and materially dissimilar, the works of Waseem Touma and Dronex Inc. are […]

Michael Scheurer

Cut and Paste Here’s the bad news first: You are too late, Michael Scheurer’s exquisite solo show at Clay Street Press closed this weekend (October 16th, 2010). The summation of nearly two years worth of effort, The Tabloid Series and other Works presents over 40 collages and a series of six intaglio and full color […]

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Garde Duty

              A Vanguard of Six at Phyllis Weston Gallery Despite the suggestion to the contrary, A Vanguard of Six is a conventional exhibition of six contemporary artists whose divergent interests make for a cerebral show that at times feels remote and disembodied. Considering the charged subject matter that many […]

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The Floating World

Christopher Backs at Semantics If you hadn’t been paying close attention you might have missed it. There is a moment in Christopher Backs’ new solo exhibition Firmament (with Sass) where, underneath one of the hard, heavy folds of his stuffed “clouds” the surface erupts into the pure malerich. Just beyond this exuberant mass of pigment […]

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Inside or Out

Spencer Van der Zee at Malton Gallery As part of their new series highlighting emerging local artists, this month the Malton Gallery is featuring work by musician Spencer Van der Zee. A collection of pen and ink drawings, Van der Zee has assembled an interesting exhibition that affirms its status as, and admiration for, outsider […]

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Petit Plaisir

Donna Talerico at Greenwich House Gallery Former fashion illustrator turned fine artist Donna Talerico’s new paintings at the Greenwich House Gallery unabashedly trumpet their influences. Inspired by post impressionist attitudes, Talerico’s work is direct; filled with light, color, and a painterly approach to the canvas. Her choice of subject matter: landscapes, street scenes, solitary figures, […]

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Paper Trail

Carmel Buckley and Joel Fisher at Aisle “Set yourself to practice drawing, drawing only a little each day, so that you may not come to lose your taste for it, or get tired of it…Do not fail, as you go on, to draw something every day, for no matter how little it is, it will […]

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Remix Edition

Paul Coors at Clay Street Press Paul Coors’ new solo exhibition at Clay Street Press is something of two different worlds. Beneath the surface of a quintessential contemporary exhibition, Tell Me What Else You Need From Me reveals a multiplicity of approaches to conceiving of and executing visual art. Coors, a 2004 graduate of The […]

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