Jane Durrell

Jane Durrell writes on the visual arts and travel for a variety of publications. Her career has tacked between stints at various museums, particularly the Cincinnati Art Museum, and journalism. Each kind of work has been useful to the other. Her bachelor's degree from Western College in Oxford, Ohio, is in English literature, and like other lit majors she thinks literature prepares one for life. It has been perfectly satisfactory for her life, at any rate.

‘Hassard & Steele: Concrete Dreams” at the Richmond (Indiana) Art Museum

“Geometry is like music,” artist Marlene Steele recently told a group of high school students, gathered around an exhibition of her work at the Richmond (Indiana) Art Museum. The students looked surprised but interested. “Drawing is a basic artist skill,” she went on, and showed them her sketch book.  It is small, perhaps six by […]

Profile, Linda Schwartz

“I like artists and scientists,” Linda Schwartz told me.  We were seated at the dining table in her art-filled house, with tea and a barely touched plate of cookies, talking about her career in art. The other two occupants of the house, a pair of small but stocky, very vocal black dogs, had been shushed […]

Review of Lloyd Library exhibition

Perhaps the most seasonal exhibition in town right now is “Winter Greens: Seasonal Illustrations from the Lloyd Library.” The Library, at 917 Plum Street in downtown Cincinnati, is both a library and museum with rare books, botanical drawings and manuscripts that provide, for this exhibition, a long look back at our pleasure in the natural […]

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“Yes!” at Cincinnati Art Galleries

Those who missed the engaging exhibition “Yes!” at Cincinnati Art Galleries, 225 East 6th Street in downtown Cincinnati (October 27 through November 25) are not wholly out of luck as it consisted of recent pieces by fifteen Gallery artists, whose work can often be seen in the spacious exhibition area there, although not so fully […]

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Manifest Gallery Artists in Residence

In case you haven’t noticed, figurative painting is alive and well and the absorbing   interest of any number of young artists.  Two such artists are recipients of the 2017/18 Manifest Artist Residency award and are currently established in their respective studios at the Cincinnati gallery. We talked with each of them for this issue of […]

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Review of “Biophilia, Standing Witness” at Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery, Mt. St. Joseph

An undercurrent of pleasure runs through the exhibition Biophilia, Standing Witness on view now through October 20 at Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery, Mount St. Joseph University. Twelve women artists, all with roots in Cincinnati and/or Columbus, are each represented in some depth – not easy in a show including so many artists. The exhibition […]

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Relation at Brazee Gallery

Relation, an exhibition of Stuart Fink’s intense and intricate sculpture, fills the two relatively small exhibition rooms at Brazee Gallery in Oakley with ease and assurance. It’s almost as though they’ve been there before and in a sense they have, although not these particular pieces. They have a famial relationship to earlier work Fink has […]

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Wash Park Gallery Review

In a neighborly gesture, Wash Park Art at 1215 Elm Street welcomes the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company to its new location half a block away with “Midsummer Dreams,” a show inspired by the Company’s first offering there, Midsummer Night’s Dream. More than a dozen artists, many with Cincinnati ties, are represented in this engaging exhibition. The […]

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Profile of Sara Pearce

Sara Caswell Pearce makes art with verve, gusto and infinite care. She delights in doing it. This artist is most regularly a print maker and collage artist, and she works in two smallish rooms across the hallway from one another on the upper floor of Brazee Studios in Oakley. Pearce and her husband live only […]

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Profile of Leslie Shiels

Leslie Shiels makes paintings and prints as her own response to life, to what she sees around her in solid fact and in underlying meaning. Talking with her, I had the feeling that she just can’t help it; when something interests her, bothers her, gives her an idea, she wants to make art of it. […]

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“Birds of Paradise” at Marta Hewett Gallery

The birds in Kevin Veara’s paintings are vividly alive in their stylized natural world. Birds of Paradise, an exhibition of a dozen or so of the artist’s recent works at Marta Hewett Gallery, Cincinnati, is on view in an area far from the door, almost as though these handsome creatures might fly right out if […]

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Kevin T. Kelly and his son, Jack Kelly, are in the same line of work. They are artists; they make paintings. This is often a solitary craft, practiced in the studio, possibly alone. Their recent project at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport was not at all like that. They worked twelve ten-hour days (9 a.m. […]

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“Provocateur” by Tyler Shields

Provocateur, Tyler Shields’ new book of photographs, is a weighty publication. Close to a square foot in shape and about an inch and a half thick, it comes in at between six and seven pounds on my kitchen scale. So – best looked at opened on a table. Shields sets out to surprise and engage […]

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Tribute to Fran Watson

Remembering Fran Watson, I think first of the pleasure of being with her.  We had a scad of things in common, and probably an equal number of things not in common, so conversation was both easy and informative.  We were both mothers, both writers, both tuned into changes our longish lives allowed us to observe. […]

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“Foto Founders” at Covington’s Behringer-Crawford Museum

Foto Founders at Covington’s Behringer-Crawford Museum provided an interesting element in the flurry of Foto Focus exhibitions during its October run. Who were primary influences on many of today’s practicing photographers in the Cincinnati region? Five professors at three area academic institutions were spotlighted, with five to six works by each, usually including both color […]

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“Memorable Impressions” at Cincinnati Art Galleries

Mark Daly’s appealing paintings are on view at Cincinnati Art Galleries in a show called “Memorable Impressions” that shares with viewers his own pleasures at looking. He likes looking at:  sailboats, sunsets, church spires in hazy weather, city streets filling up with snow.  The works are new, some as recent as three weeks before the […]

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Bill Broun’s “Night of the Animals”

Communication and observation are constant and encroaching for the populace in Bill Broun’s big, unnerving novel, Night of the Animals, set in a London of the future but uncomfortably close to our own time. Its climactic events take place in 2052. Broun’s hero, Cuthbert Handley, is an Indigent, capital “I,” a specific class in this […]

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Profile of Kim Krause

Kim Krause’s paintings are teasingly near to representational, until you realize they are all about the interaction of shapes and colors to the exclusion of other considerations. These colors are seldom nuanced; they are flat and precise but infinitely varied. The shapes themselves are nearly figurative, with hints of being more so. What goes on […]

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Profile of Ellie Fabe

This is a profile in every sense. Multi-talented Ellie Fabe is a singer/songwriter as well as a maker of visual art, our focus here. So profile, with its suggestion of a view from only one side, applies in all shades of the word. Recently I met with Fabe in her studio to talk about her […]

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The Illustrated Letters of Richard Doyle to His Father, 1842-1843

For nearly two years in the early 1840s, Victoria still new to the throne, a young Englishman with a nimble pen for both drawing and writing fulfilled his father’s request for weekly letters, although during most of that time they lived in the same house. The elder Doyle meant it as a learning experience, and […]

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Here and now mercilessly morphs into there and then, but sometimes a news release Now brings up a Then.  The Museum of Modern Art reports a new hanging of some of its permanent collection, bringing to mind a visit I made to New York in late winter, 2005, to see what the Modern was showing […]

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Profile of Thomas C. Umfrid, College-Conservatory of Music

Artists make things.  They make stories, they make pictures, they rustle around through possibilities, try something different, emerge with what may be a new look for some old thing. A particular line of work – that is in fact making things – is the creation of sets for theater productions. People can learn to do […]

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Letter From New Orleans

New Orleans is a state of mind, and in its own individual way, a state of art. There’s no question but that New Orleans residents care about how things look. Where else are you likely to find a museum called “The House of Dance & Feathers” installed in a small-ish building once a barber shop, […]

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Profile of Frank Satogata

Frank Satogata’s studio is deep in the Brazee Street complex of artists’ work spaces, down one hall and then another, up stairs and along another hall before a knock on a door brings this pleasant, smiling man to open it and a little flurry results as his companion Elle, a West Highland terrier, is equally […]

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Profile, Thomas Towhey

The artist Thomas Hieronymous Towhey, born in Cincinnati in the mid-20th century and resident here most of the time since, gave himself his middle name. Towhey is an admirer of that early Netherlandish painter, Hieronymous Bosch, who in fact played around with his own nomenclature. The Dutchman’s original surname referred to the place his family […]

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Cole Carothers, Pragmatist on the Run

An artist, says artist Cole Carothers, must be patient and inquisitive. Carothers has been a working artist since the 1970s so speaks from experience. For his own paintings and prints, he says it’s a matter of simplifying, simplifying, pushing toward “a reduction of elements, simplicity of masses, trees becoming shapes.” What is happening here is […]

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Havana at Malton Gallery

Susan Schuler’s paintings in the exhibition Havana at Malton Gallery in Hyde Park/Oakley speak for themselves, which is fortunate as the background information I asked for consisted of a statement by the artist relating to an earlier show, and when I requested a press release on this exhibition I was told they no longer do […]

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Profile of Kevin Kelly

Kevin T. Kelly’s studio is deep in the Essex Studios building in Walnut Hills; he met me at the Essex Street door to lead me through multiple corridors to his space where the north wall is all window and the clutter all has meaning. Any studio is cluttered if real work goes on there, and […]

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Letter From Atlanta

An Atlanta visitor might easily miss Emory University’s Michael C. Carlos Museum, but as a frequent traveler there I’ve learned to stop by. Temporary shows are interesting and the permanent collection itself is fine. The building, designed by the late Michael Graves relatively early in his career, gives thoughtful attention to what it houses and […]

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Urbanscape: Through Paint and Lens at Wash Park Art

In the pleasant confines of Wash Park Art, 1215 Elm Street, just a few doors down from Music Hall, the work of three painters and two photographers shared space handily in Urbanscape: Through Paint and Lens, a show that only recently closed. The gallery is the first floor of a 19th century row house and […]

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Magnitude Seven at Manifest Gallery

In our culture, where Bigger is often equated with Better, there’s a decided relief in turning to a competition where Small is All. Manifest Gallery’s eleventh annual Magnitude Seven, with no boundaries on method or media but strict boundaries on size – seven inches max in any direction – this year as for every previous […]

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Returning To Our Beginnings

In the 1980s the support staff at the Cincinnati Art Museum, like others before them and after them,was engaged with the collection, with the Museum, and with the idea of visual art itself, all of which enlivened their days. Last month some of those 1980s staffers gathered (from Chicago, from Cleveland, from Washington, D.C. as […]

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We lived in The District – Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia) – when our youngest child went off to kindergarten.  I went right down to the Smithsonian and said “I volunteer.” The Smithsonian was welcoming – by then I’d published some articles and worked in public relations – and sent me off to the National […]

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“Meditation” at Wash Park Art Shows Evan Hildebrandt and Alison Shepard

Gorgeous is not a word to be thrown out lightly, and in any case it’s usually not accepted  ArtSpeak, but some of the works in Meditation at Wash Park Art, 1215 Elm Street, call out for it.  The show presents new works and collaborations by Evan Hildebrandt and Alison Shepard, established artists who are married […]

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Susan Schuler at Malton

Susan Schuler, abstract painter, has moved to Albuquerque.  For the light. For the glorious southwestern sunlight, clarity intact, that has bedazzled artists since at least the 19th century. Schuler, widely traveled, is a sophisticated judge of sunlight and its artistic uses. A Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area native, children now grown, she last year packed up and […]

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Letter From Italy: Christmas Past

We were in three cars, and two of them had missed a turn. It was foggy, it was dark, it didn’t seem like Italy although that was where we were. The American cell phone, incompatible with the English one, only accommodated text messages but those of us in the two lost cars communicated by the […]

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The Urban Landscape: Six Artists – Six Views Clifton Cultural Arts Center

How odd – not one of the artists whose works comprise The Urban Landscape: Six Artists – Six Views at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center  through December 5 indicates that people occupy the spaces they portray. This seems to be a curatorial decision, as the show’s defining statement says “Six contemporary painters explore the urban […]

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Cincinnati: Shadow and Light

All of us who have read the Cincinnati Enquirer down the years know Michael Keating’s photographs. They are both smart and subjective, they are on the note, they tell us more than print sometimes can.  But we don’t know them as they can be seen at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center in Cincinnati: Shadow and […]

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The Peoples’ Art

An unexpected and rewarding photography exhibition in this photo-saturated fall, mounted by Dan Wheeler, the son of the artist (himself a serious photographer), is in a spot you are not likely to run across by chance. “The Art of Grayce F. Wheeler,” in the Event Center at Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Community, 3550 Shaw Avenue […]

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Letter from Mantua

I am in Mantua (well, Mantova to the home folks), having dinner under a groined and painted ceiling in a square room with remnants of frescoes on the wall. I have spent the day in palaces, specifically the palazzo the Gonzango family called home and the other one, the Palazzo del Te, where they hung […]

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Letter From London

In London, this time, we went to the source. The art-shows-open-to-the-public source, that is. The source itself is unlikely. It’s The Foundling Hospital, established two hundred and seventy-five years ago to care for unwanted babies but not long after also becoming England’s first public art gallery. William Hogarth, that caustic observer of the kind of […]

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Letter from the Mid-Atlantic

by Jane Durrell June 18, 2014 We are cutting through calm waters in a ship so large, so superbly engineered that only now and then does a tremor indicate we are at sea.  The Queen Mary II is majestic indeed, elegantly Art Deco in most respects and staffed by people so obliging they seem to […]

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Poetry – June

THREE POEMS BY JANE DURRELL LONG TIME GONE Who cried, in that other time from now, Whose heart hurt, unhealed, until Bliss intruded, out of nowhere, and then was gone again. Old carings, rustling like cicada shells Form intact, being gone Remembering remembering. THOUGHTS GOING SOUTH ON I-75 I cannot read in Tennessee The mountains […]

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Raveled/Unraveled at Clifton Cultural Arts Center

by Jane Durrell Raveled – Unraveled starts off with a a linguistic challenge. In most usages “ravel” and “unravel” carry the same meaning, but for the purposes of this exhibition they are taken to be opposites. If that were always the case, MacBeth would have had no need to knit up his raveled sleeve of […]

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CAC 75th Anniversary

When we joined the CAC in the 1950s we were just back from two months abroad, having saved our money and quit our jobs to make the trip. CAC was young and so were we, and I think we were fired with the idea of keeping our culture level high and open. Also, it didn’t […]

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Atmosphere at Miller Gallery Review

by Jane Durrell Atmosphere at Miller Gallery is a pleasurable show, hung so that the works feed off each other in interesting ways. computer science homework help The chosen subject matter is a jumping-off point to present artists moving in both original and time-tested ways, admittedly some more successfully than others. Karen Hollingsworth’s “Lake Effect,” […]

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Lily Mulberry Retrospective

by Jane Durrell Lily Mulberry’s long and difficult battle with cancer ended this month. For almost a decade her 1305 Gallery has given authenticity and continuing interest to the vivacity of the upper Main Street art scene and she herself was always a pleasure to encounter. The loss to the art community is both professional […]

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Review of M. Katherine Hurley’s “Returning Home,” La Poste Eatery

by Jane Durrell At La Poste Eatery in Clifton, artist M. Katherine Hurley is telling a story over dinner.  Her story, “Returning Home,” is on the walls, in colors good enough to eat – if she will forgive me for saying that – in a series of ten works that reflect a trip from Ohio […]

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Threads of Heaven

by Jane Durrell It was Mark Twain who told us “Clothes make the man,” adding a Twain-ish thought about the little influence naked men have on society.  Certainly the Manchu, who came roiling in from the northeast to take over the whole of China in the 17th century, bought the sentiment, for both men and […]

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Letter from Santa Fe

by Jane Durrell The light!  The light!  No wonder artists, passing through, change their minds and never go away. The town is tucked in an upper layer of mountainous terrain, peaks rising on three sides and the fourth side best essay writing services open toward Albuquerque, sixty-some miles away. We had come for a winter […]

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The Medium is the Message

by Jane Durrell The Medium is the Message is a fitting title for the new show at downtown’s YWCA. In it four artists, each besotted by color, express themselves in individual mediums.  Even the two painters use markedly different methods, contrasting with each other as well as with the fabric artist and the glass artist. […]

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Speaking of Color: Trish Weeks at The Carnegie

Speaking of Color: Trish Weeks at The Carnegie By Jane Durrell Trish Weeks calls her show at The Carnegie Speaking of Color, a topic her work explores with zest and spirit. Weeks is enamored of color, besotted by it, can’t get enough of marvelous shades. She slips easily from almost naturalism (a couple of renditions […]

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Outside/Inside By Jane Durrell Outside/Inside at Covington Arts is a show its curator, Jennifer Grote, conceives as an interaction between architecture (i.e. the space itself) and the art. Two of the artists take on that challenge with enthusiasm while the curator’s placement produces relationships with the surroundings for the other two. The exhibition’s title surely […]


LETTER FROM NEW YORK By Jane Durrell It’s slow going on a Sunday afternoon in the new installation of European Paintings (1250-1800) at the Metropolitan Museum. The handsome spaces have been spruced up and galleries once given over to temporary shows now are part of the logical flow of ideas and innovations that can be […]

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One New Painting: Mark III

One New Painting: Mark III By Jane Durrell It’s like a party at The Galleries at Frame Designs, Loveland, where individual works by twenty-six artists fill the walls and more for the third edition of a show called “One New Painting,” running through September 28. The resulting mix of styles and approaches is almost like […]

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The Human Face: A Revelation at Artisan Enterprise Center

review of   The Human Face: A Revelation at Artisan Enterprise Center Jane Durrell Covington’s Artisan Enterprise Center currently is chock-a-block with art, with ideas, with good reasons to spend time looking at the two linked exhibitions on view there as The Human Face: A Revelation. You may spend more time than you expected – there’s […]

Review of Eternal Summer: The Art of Edward Henry Potthast.

Review of Eternal Summer: The Art of Edward Henry Potthast. By Jane Durrell The Cincinnati Art Museum has concocted a truly vacation-time exhibition with Eternal Summer: The Art of Edward Henry Potthast. Concoct is the operative word here; the installation, in a manner of speaking, is the show, with a bonus at the end. Eternal […]

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Donna Talerico at Saks Fifth Avenue

Donna Talerico at Saks Fifth Avenue By Jane Durrell The invitation is to meet the artist, Donna Talerico, whose show opens that very evening, in the shoe department on the first floor of Saks Fifth Avenue. In Cincinnati Saks is on Fifth Street rather than Fifth Avenue, at the corner of Race. Saks is kicking […]

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MILTON GLASER: Drawings and Rugs

MILTON GLASER: Drawings and Rugs Carl Solway Gallery, 424 Findlay Street, Cincinnati By Jane Durrell Milton Glaser, designer for all seasons, has turned his omni-talented hand to carpets, as can be seen in the glowing exhibition Milton Glaser: Drawings and Rugs at Carl Solway Gallery now through July 13. “Glowing” is used advisedly, as the execution […]

Profile: Tyler Wilkinson, Manifest Gallery Artist in Residence

  Profile: Tyler Wilkinson, Manifest Gallery Artist in Residence Jane Durrell Tyler Wilkinson, Manifest Gallery’s first Artist-in-Residence, greets visitors to his studio at the rear of the gallery during every opening, an act of hospitality he clearly enjoys aside from its requirement for his year-long role. Tall and slim, Wilkinson has a ready smile, extremely […]

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Philip LaVelle at 1305 Gallery

Philip LaVelle at 1305 Gallery ~ Jane Durrell   Philip LaVelle’s vibrant show of new work at 1305 Gallery on Main Street opened immediately after the January aeqai appeared and closed immediately before this issue.  Its visual and intellectual content encouraged a belated review. At first glance LaVelle might be proposing a future in which […]

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Review, Frank Satogata at Xavier University Art Gallery

Review, Frank Satogata at Xavier University Art Gallery ~ Jane Durell The surest antidote to a bleak winter day could be the joyous exhibition of paintings and prints by Frank Satogata at the Xavier University Art Gallery now through February 15. Satogata loves color as surely as Romeo loved Juliet, but with happier consequences. He […]

Review, Collector’s Art Group Holiday Show

Review, Collector’s Art Group Holiday Show By Jane Durrell A cheerful holiday exhibition lines the walls at Collector’s Art Group, second floor at 225 Sixth Street, downtown, conveying all sorts of interesting ideas without a Santa Claus to be seen.  That is to say, this annual holiday show is a gathering of the work of […]

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Profile, Kent Krugh

Profile, Kent Krugh By Jane Durrell Curiosity – that need to know what would happen if???? – can be a driving force for both creative and scientific ends. Artist/scientist Kent Krugh is a nimble practitioner in both fields. Krugh has been a visible presence in the Cincinnati region’s FotoFocus this fall with a solo show, […]

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A Look Back at a Life in Pictures: Photographs by Gordon Baer

A Look Back at a Life in Pictures: Photographs by Gordon Baer On a Sunday afternoon midway through October’s FotoFocus the backroom at Baker Hunt was at capacity to hear photographer Gordon Baer talk about his work and the exhibition A Look Back at a Life in Pictures: Photographs by Gordon Baer. The exhibition could […]

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“Aperture” at Phyllis Weston Gallery

“Aperture”  at Phyllis Weston Gallery by Jane Durrell The dream-tinged images in Aperture, Phyllis Weston Gallery’s contribution to FotoFocus, come from distinctly individual bodies of work but share an other worldly quality. Jane Alden Stevens’ series, “Birth & Death,” is composed of large, labor-intensive mono-prints dating from the early to mid-1990s, “a time before digital […]

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Not Your Usual Art Opening

NOT YOUR USUAL ART OPENING Imagine an opening where people actually look at the art. An opening without cheese, crackers, or wine. And while you’re about it, an opening where everyone wears identical, almost snazzy, specially treated clear plastic glasses. Got it? You could have been at the opening earlier this month of Gravity of […]

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Profile of Walt Burton

It’s probably inaccurate to call Walt Burton a gadfly, even though a run-down of his career might suggest that. He’s been a photographer, a dealer in historic photographs, a teacher, a guest lecturer, non prescription cialis from canada produced books (two of them autobiographical) and now, after two strokes and a heart attack,  is making […]

50th Anniversary Year, Carl Solway Gallery Exhibition

  By: Jane Durrell Imagine a cocktail party where everyone knows everyone else and the conversation never stops. That’s Carl Solway Gallery’s 50th Anniversary exhibition. More than one generation are here, but the young ones know the old ones and refine upon or react against, just like in your neighborhood. Sixty-three artists are represented. An […]

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French Painters Breaking Ground

By: Jane Durrell Bostonians with a penchant for French painting from the glory days might be disappointed if they stop by the Wadsworth Atheneum just now, for forty-five paintings from that collection are at the Taft Museum in Cincinnati in the exhibition Old Masters to Impressionists: Three Centuries of French Painting from the Wadsworth Atheneum. […]

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“Reverse Psychology” at Thunder-Sky Gallery

“Dance?” asks one of a pair of figures in a collaborative painting by the two artists in Thunder-Sky Gallery’s current exhibition, Reverse Psychology. “Sorry, not my type,” answers the other. The two inhabit a dreamy, fragmented setting; the pop-star-like woman wears a beehive hairdo, a polka dot dress and a prosthetic arm and the man […]

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Mark Daly at Cincinnati Art Galleries

Mark Daly’s engaging paintings line every wall at Cincinnati Art Galleries, treating of pleasurable aspects of life at the seaside, in New York City, on Nantucket, and points as far away as Venice. The show’s subtitle, “The Musician’s Paintbrush,” refers to Daly’s playing a mean mandolin, sometimes on Fountain Square, but overlooks his ongoing business […]

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Review of “Monet in Giverny: Landscapes of Reflection” at Cincinnati Art Museum

Pleasing the crowd was not Monet’s aim in life, but after the Impressionists’ convention-flaunting beginnings had simmered into acceptance he had a following that allowed him to live a life style of his own choosing and to paint as he pleased. He had more or less always done the latter; the former had been chancy. […]

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Sara Pearce’s Expecting to Fly at 5th Street Gallery

A quick first take on Sara Pearce’s Expecting to Fly at 5th Street Gallery downtown shows her a words person as well as a visual artist. And no wonder; words were her trade during her Cincinnati Enquirer years, when she reported on restaurants, books, sometimes visual arts, and was a features editor. What collages require, […]

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Letter From London

In London, on the day I went to both exhibitions, it seemed that everyone who wasn’t at the National Gallery’s stunning Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan had come to the Royal Academy for David Hockney’s knock-your-eye-out responses to the English landscape. Each show was at controlled maximum attendance but the crowds […]

Beyond Emancipation at Kennedy Heights Arts Center

The insistent art works in Beyond Emancipation at Kennedy Heights Arts Center demand attention. “Look at me,” they seem to cry out. “Look at me now. WHAT DO YOU THINK I’M SAYING?” The first message, and there are others, is that emancipation was a first step, a needed step, but only the beginning. Nowhere is […]

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Lily Mulberry and 1305 Gallery

The idea of opening a little art gallery is one of those persistent day dreams seldom carried out in real life. 1305 Gallery, a model of its kind, opened more than six years ago at 1305 Main Street in Over-the-Rhine and has presented a steady program of exhibitions since. Plans for 2012 are in place, […]

Remembering Thom at Art Beyond Boundaries

In 1973 the art critic of the Cincinnati Post wrote that Thom Shaw “a young Cincinnatian, Art Academy trained, is possessed of a powerful line and sense of balance within his works.” An exhibition of Shaw’s black and white masonite block prints was at the Miller Gallery, then on Edwards Road. I was the art […]

Glass Ceiling? Guess Not

The paintings that mark a gradual return to across-the-board contemporary art at Marta Hewett Gallery, where glass objects have held the floor, are themselves almost glass-like. Jason Zickler’s labor-intensive works with their dense layers of clear, cured resin and paint gleam in a celebration of colorfor its own sake but hold in their depths delineations […]

Interview with Aaron Betsky on Schmidlapp Gallery Re-Installation

Tucked in the multi-page announcement of the Cincinnati Art Museum’s 2011-12 exhibition schedule is a portent of change beyond the new season.  Re-installation of the Schmidlapp Gallery will be “the first step in the vision for a re-designed Cincinnati Art Museum.” To find out what’s going on, in the Schmidlapp gallery now and the rest […]

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Carl Fudge

at Solway Gallery Carl Fudge is a sly fellow. Just as you think you’ve caught the drift for one of his series works, either paintings or prints – ah yes, you think, look how this cluster balances that – he changes the color scheme for another version and all relationships shift gear. New game entirely. […]

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A Painter’s Eye

Jane Durrell comments on Creating the New Century. Now that we’re a decade deep into the new millennium, the impulse to slap “New Century” on just about anything out there is hard to resist. Meanwhile, a lot of what’s going on has 20th century roots. Case in point is Creating the New Century: Contemporary Art […]

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Odd Man Out

WHITE PEOPLE: A RETROSPECTIVE Photographs by Melvin Grier Quite a lot is going on in the engrossing exhibition of Melvin Grier’s photographs at Kennedy Heights Arts Center.. One narrative line is this city, reflected in a daily newspaper over a period of more than thirty years. Another has to do with the photographer himself, a […]

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Jimmy Baker

Remote Viewing Jimmy Baker makes difficult art, and makes it extremely well. His solo show at Contemporary Arts Center, Remote Viewing, is only ten paintings but they are quite enough for the long, thin gallery that stretches along the south side of the CAC’s second floor. The works hang at a distance from one another, […]

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Mary Baskett

An Interview To interview Mary Baskett, known for individualistic dress as well as for expertise in Western and Japanese prints, I wear the single spectacular piece of clothing in my own closet, a winter coat of many colors. “Jane! Your coat!” says Baskett, on opening the door of the Mt. Adams house where she and […]

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Goya at The Taft

Los Caprichos at the Taft Museum of Art Francisco José de Goya was 53 years old, seriously deaf but acutely visual, when he published the extraordinary series of eighty images called Los Caprichos now on view at the Taft Museum of Art. Caprichos—the word means “whims” or “fancies”—in this artist’s hands become the thoughtless, often […]

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Thomas Gainsborough

Gainsborough’s Touch Exhibitions can be flat-out beautiful and they can bristle with ideas. When they are both you might want to send up a rocket in celebration, but perhaps the best thing is simply to go back and look at the show again. The Cincinnati Art Museum’s extraordinary gathering of paintings in Thomas Gainsborough and […]

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Kristen Spangenberg

                    “A young Californian has come out of the west. . .to take over the curator’s post in the Print Department of the Cincinnati Art Museum” reported the art columnist for the Cincinnati Post, September 24, 1971. The new curator was Kristin Spangenberg, this month marking […]

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Mark Patsfall

Clay Street and Beyond Mark Patsfall is the go-to guy if you’re an artist and you have a difficult print job at hand. Patsfall also makes art, as can be seen right now in the Weston Art Gallery’s The House In My Head. His own quirky, idea-filled show, The Nature of Time, recently appeared at […]

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