Meera Rastogi: Art Therapy and the Therapeutic Benefits of Making Art

“Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.” –Keith Haring Over the course of this past year, I’ve become uncommonly aware of how often people describe the act of making art as their “therapy.” As an artist myself, I absolutely get it. Being creative, and just […]

Connecting Charlottesville and Ohio: A Conversation with Sarah Boyts Yoder

Like most of the country, I watched in shock and horror as white supremacists swarmed the city of Charlottesville in a menacing rally of racist anger and hatred. The violence they ignited ultimately reached a deadly turning point when a neo-Nazi plowed his car into a crowd of anti-white supremacist protesters, killing Heather Heyer.  It […]

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Nishiki Sugawara-Beda: Words Walking

Nishiki Sugawara-Beda uses painting to cultivate the visual power of written language as she examines the linguistic complexities of meaning. An avid traveler whose curiosity to explore the world began in her early twenties, she found that immersion in different cultures—from remote areas of Nepal to urban centers like Istanbul— became a major influence in […]

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Nabil El Jaouhari: Memory Pacifier

Lebanese artist Nabil El Jaouhari has only been in Cincinnati a short time, but since his arrival six months ago, he’s created a body of work that continues his visual investigation into the power of memory. Through a variety of media and approaches, he reconsiders the fixed impressions from a childhood marked by conflict. Born […]

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Zoe Hawk with Kim Rae Taylor

Where are you from and where do you currently live? I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. I went to graduate school at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, and for the past four years I’ve split my time between the United States and Doha, Qatar.   Did you create Donkey Lady and Other Tales […]

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