Ain’t Misbehavin’

by Stephen Slaughter “Buildering, Misbehaving the City” and KniveandFork Questions and Answers Space and Place The Ordinary and the Banal The objective of architecture is works of art that are lived in.  The city is the largest, and at present the worst of such works of art. Functionalism (to speak roughly of the heroic period […]

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“Osmosis” Blinded me with Science

“Osmosis” Blinded me with Science ~ Stephen Slaughter Biology Osmosis: A process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, thus equalizing the concentrations on each side of the membrane. Physics The Pauli Exclusion Principle: The quantum mechanical principle that […]

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Boundless Flock

Boundless Flock  By Stephen Slaughter “A world without rules and controls, without borders and boundaries.  A world where anything is possible where, we go from there is a choice I leave to you.” Keanu Reeves as Neo, The Matrix, Warner Brothers 1999 Art Beyond Boundaries is a gallery on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine whose mission […]

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Chocolat: Drip, Drizzle, Lick

Chocolat: Drip, Drizzle, Lick By Stephen Slaughter Eileen Southern in The Music of Black American wrote; “On the way to the cemetery it was customary to play very slowly and mournfully a dirge, or an ‘old Negro spiritual’ such as ‘Nearer My God to Thee,’ but on the return from the cemetery, the band would […]

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The Death of Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum

The Death of Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum by Stephen Slaughter Excerpt from “Shut up and Play the Hits”, Chuck Klosterman’s on screen interview of James Murphy; Chuck Klosterman; “This is the end of LCD Soundsystem, and it’s ending in a strangely controlled manner. It’s like, there was a record, there was an announcement, there’s a last […]

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bi-Lateral Thinking

Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to have plans, and luckier still those plans included attending a multi media event at Third Party Gallery in Cincinnati’s West End.  The performance was the zenith of the annual art exhibition Autumedia, a show held, in part, at Semantics Gallery, featuring local sound and video artists whose current […]

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