JuicyCanvas Helps Customers Customize Art

December 12th, 2013  |  Published in Announcements

We are JuicyCanvas, the first online marketplace that enables art consumers to finally be involved in the creative process and customize, aka Remix, copyrighted artworks that can then be printed onto fine-quality framed art prints, apparel, and other select lifestyle ‘canvases’.

JuicyCanvas takes an artist’s finished artwork and unlocks it for further personalization and experimentation. We have curated work from over 200 artists, all of which can be reshaped, resized and adjusted by users to create a completely customized product.

We are a husband-wife startup based out of Buenos Aires and NYC who strongly believe in creative, activated consumers. It’s our vision to create a world where everything is redesigned, remixable, reimagined.

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