(Im)material Culture, Alienation Affect, and the Jeffrey Cortland Jones’ Curious Social Experiment

Traversing the Art Academy of Cincinnati’s galleries via the looming, metallic stairwell, Covergys Gallery is perhaps the easiest to miss between the larger Pearlman and Childlaw Galleries. A sweeping horizontal pocket within a wall, the second floor gallery is at once invitational and necessarily participatory – it simply can not be ignored, as it effectively […]

Bridging Inter-Spaces and Navigating Contemporary Feminist Art

  Planned prior to Trump’s presidency, the 21C Museum Hotel’s The Future is Female displays a myriad of international female artists – ranging in their modalities and sociopolitical concerns – whose works bridge third and fourth-wave feminist concerns. Built on the foreground of second-wave feminism’s civil rights advances, the third-wave occupies subjectivity and inclusive diversity, […]

Posthumanism and Catharsis: JJ Brine’s “Vector Gallery”

  “You mean Messiah?” JJ Brine hastily corrects me when I quizzically point at the two McDonalds logos on Vector Gallery’s wall, probing him about his interest in selectively appropriating capitalist imagery. It is the day before JJ Brine’s opening of the newest rendition of Vector Gallery, a space that has traversed a multiplicity of […]

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The Affect of Serenity: “Table of Elements”

Charles Woodman is a multifaceted new media artist, whose work spans the semblance of public art forums, temporal installations, documentary modes, and multi-channel projections. As an educator, curator, and creator whose work occupies multiple disciplines, Mr. Woodman has crafted a diverse aesthetic, motivated by an amalgamation of experimental and avant-garde video artists, sculptors/installation artists, and […]

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