Maria Seda-Reeder

Maria Seda-Reeder is a lifelong storyteller. She is interested in the intersection of art creation and writing. First published as an elementary student in The Cincinnati Public Library's 30+-year publication, "Seven Hills Review," Maria also served as editor & music reviewer for her high school newspaper, which shaped her early love of writing and art critique. She continued to pursue writing by receiving her B.A. in History from the University of Cincinnati in 1999. Upon graduation Maria worked as Exhibition Specialist at the Cincinnati History Museum at Union Terminal (2002-2003) and subsequently Changing Exhibitions and Family Programs Manager at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (2003-2005). In both positions she created programming for museum-goers that stressed reading & art creation. Maria received her M.A. in Art History from U.C.'s College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning in 2007 where she studied under the tutelage of Assistant Professor Kim Paice, Ph.D. During her term as a grad student, she also received a Certificate in Museum Studies and served as Student Manager for DAAP's downtown Sycamore Gallery. Maria has worked with such (past and present) Cincinnati galleries as ArtWorks Gallery, Junior Gallery, Powerhouse Factory, Publico Gallery, Carl Solway Gallery, and The Phillip M. Meyers, Jr. Memorial Gallery. She is an Adjunct Professor of Art History at DAAP and continues to write about art for both ÆQAI and the Cincinnati Art Museum's Member Magazine. Currently, Maria is doing most of her storytelling while raising her first-born son.

Anthony Luensman Explores Carnal Delights in “Taint”

Anthony Luensman Explores Carnal Delights in “Taint” by Maria Seda-Reeder Anthony Luensman’s first major solo exhibition in five years, “Taint” at the Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery was supported by a $20,000 National Endowment for the Arts grant—one of only seventeen such grants chosen out of 1,624 eligible applications by arts organizations […]

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Collaborative Assemblages

By: Maria Seda-Reeder “Found in Translation: Work by Cynthia Gregory, Christian Schmit and Greg Swiger” at
Semantics Gallery is the kind of show at which you can get lost.  The mostly miniature/sculptural works are tiny assemblages of objects that range from meticulously crafted to purposefully undone.  Diminutive paintings, drawings, furniture, and found objects round out a densely […]

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Meditations on Emptiness: Francis Upritchard’s, “A Long Wait”, at the CAC

By: Maria Seda-Reeder The Zaha Hadid designed Lois and Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art, with its intermittently soaring and squatting ceilings and massive concrete pillars, has been notoriously challenging for artists and curators alike. Fortunately, the two current exhibitions on the second floor, Jannis Varelas’ “Sleep My Sheep Sleep” and Francis Upritchard’s “A Long […]

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Dear Nostalgia

I visited the Lois and Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art for the purpose of reviewing the music video exhibition, “Spectacle:  The Music Video.”  Although I was overwhelmed with the exhibition’s nostalgic content involving the history of the visual components related to music, what I found myself captivated by was the work of artist Dasha […]

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"Juxtaposition at the 'Center of the Earth'"

Nick Cave lives up to his hype.  The artist’s sprawling installation/intervention at the Cincinnati Art Museum, “Meet Me at the Center of the Earth” covers all three floors with some thirty-six of Cave’s iconic “Soundsuits,” ten oversized glossy color photos, nine videos, two tondos, and three bears/beavers made from repurposed sweaters (oh my!)  The monumental […]

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Cerebral Material

Cerebral Material   “Material Witness” at the Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery is the thinking artist’s art exhibition.  Independent curator Matt Distel’s smart grouping of multi-disciplinary artists, whose only ostensible common thread is consistent consideration of media, raises thoughtful questions about locations in space and time without providing any easy answers.  Eight […]

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Decadent Decades of Dress

The Cincinnati Art Museum’s current show, “Art Deco:  Fashion and Design in the Jazz Age” is an exhibition contextualizing evening dresses from the Betty Colker Collection with textiles, prints, jewelry, furniture, and sundry other art objects related to the Art Deco aesthetic.  The exhibition is decidedly female centric, focusing on the material trappings and images […]

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Epic Miniatures: Contemporary Pakistani Miniaturist Techniques

The Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art is on a roll.  Coming off the success of their Keith Haring exhibition, Realms of Intimacy:  Miniaturist Practice from Pakistan, is yet another visually compelling and conceptually astute exhibition.  Close reading of the title no doubt echoes curator Justine Ludwig’s major point:  the traditional practice of […]

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Island Reflections

“We’re the reflections of our ancestors / we’d like to thank you for the building blocks you left us / ‘cause your spirit possessed us” – Talib Kweli, “Africa Dream”   Emily Hanako Momohara’s current exhibition at PAC Gallery, “Islands,” consists of fifteen archival pigment prints on rich Somerset Velvet paper.  The exhibition is a […]

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Thunder-Sky’s the Limit

“Hard Knocks:  Art without Art School” is a loosely curated collection of more than one hundred works of art by thirty-one artists from around the globe.  By making use of their three curators (visual artists Antonio Adams, Ran Barnaclo, & Spencer van der Zee,) Thunder-Sky’s Face Book page, and exhibition blog to cast a wide […]

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A Star is Born

A Star is Born:  the Douglas S. Cramer Collection at the CAM. If you go to the Cincinnati Art Museum this summer you will see artwork from the contemporary art collection of Hollywood producer Douglas S. Cramer in two separate exhibition areas:  one just upon passing the entrance foyer, where the Museum often houses small-scale […]

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Majr (Self) Gazn

Majr (Self) Gazn “Maidens of the Cosmic Body Running:  Majr Gazr” is a collective exhibition featuring the work of area artists Denise Burge, Lisa Siders, and Jenny Ustick at the Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art.  The installation is an intensely immersive experience in which the group employs color, video, geometric abstraction, wall-drawings, […]

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What Would Nam June (Paik) Do?

What Would Nam June (Paik) Do? The University of Cincinnati’s College of Design Art Architecture and Planning hosted the Nam June Paik and the Conservation of Video Sculpture, Symposium and Exhibition (April 15-16, 2011), a coup for the College of Art, (long the red-headed stepchild of DAAP’s other more financially-driven Colleges). Thanks to a grant […]

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Heimlich Maneuvers

“House, New work by Tony Becker” at Prairie I have lived in Northside for almost seven years now, so I am embarrassed to admit that my recent visit to Prairie Gallery to see House: New Works by Tony Becker on a rainy Wednesday afternoon was my first trip to the space. A second floor walk-up […]

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Great Expectations

Cincinnati Against the World On a Wednesday evening, in a room above the raucous crowd assembled for Mayday Bar in Northside’s Bingo night, five artists of various ilk (visual artists Britni Bicknaver & Paul Coors, photographer-designer-street artist Floyd Johnson, designer-entrepreneur Rosie Kovacs, and poet Dana Ward) gathered to discuss an issue that has effected them […]

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Matt Morris

Artist, Writer, Curator. At 26 years of age, artist, writer, & curator Matt Morris is quite accomplished. With several years worth of published writings in regional and international publications (including this journal,) participation in five group shows and two curatorial projects this past year alone, as well as being a founding member of the U-turn […]

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Rosson Crow

The Artist is Present Place is the ostensible subject of Rosson Crow’s painted dreamscapes, and out of the seven canvases in her exhibition, Myth of the American Motorcycle, at the Contemporary Arts Center, only two are outdoor scenes. In all, the artist’s depiction of space is loose and layered, barely hinting at architectural detail or expansive […]

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Molly Donnermeyer at U-turn Gallery

Feminine Tropes & Fairytale Myths To equate photography, still or moving, with the objects which are portrayed by the artificial eye of the lens is as silly as believing that everyone sees (e.g., comprehends what he sees) just alike. Vision is a psychological as well as a mechanical process. Even the most “objectively” made documentary […]

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Ann Hamilton

The Process of Reading Becomes an Act of Creation It is a big deal when an internationally-recognized artist comes to town—particularly one who has local roots like Ann Hamilton. Her current exhibition,reading at Carl Solway is not the kind of large-scale, multi-sensory, immersive installation that one might expect from the artist. buy levitra canada Instead, […]

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Mark Harris

Traditional Approaches to Radical Art Mark Harris is an artist, critic, curator, and the current Director of the School of Art at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning. His diverse range of works include mixed media, sound installation, cut paper, artist books, and paintings. For his recent exhibition at Country Club Gallery, […]

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Evoking the Personal

Kristine Donnelly’s Paperwork at the Taft Museum How might a contemporary artist respond to an art space that is rich in historical allusions such as the Taft Museum? Only the second “Emerging Artist” invited to exhibit her work, Kristine Donnelly found that an appealing question when she visited the museum’s inaugural Keystone Contemporary Series show last […]

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