Selena Reder

Hidden Architect

Althea Thompson shapes generations of young artists at the School for Creative and Performing Arts   On a rainy day in Over-the-Rhine I arrive at the school. It is an odd feeling pulling over on Central Parkway alongside parents dropping off children in front of this colossal feat of modern architecture. It is not the […]

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Transformative Career: Tom Bacher Still Fresh After 36 Years of Luminosity

Under the cover of darkness the city twinkles with the light from countless windows, streetlamps and signs, wrapping us in a blanket of familiarity. The city nightscape is as assuring and magical as a Christmas tree glowing in a dark living room, and as primal as fire. It is the light of our hometown, reflected […]

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An Afternoon with African Artists

Northern Kentucky University Hosts Five Ghanian Artisans Northern Kentucky University’s Ceramic and Sculpture Studio is brimming with teachers. They come from all corners of the U.S. to grind glass, cast bronze, and weave cotton cloth under the tutelage of master Ashanti artisans of Ghana, West Africa. MaryCarol Hopkins, professor of Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy at NKU, […]

For A Better World: SOS Art

Saad Ghosn Mobilizes Hundreds of Artists Yet Again Lady Liberty returns. Not the Neoclassical colossus on Liberty Island. It is the shrieking girl with the liberty spikes on the S.O.S. ART posters plastered all over downtown. S.O.S. ART is a rally cry for peace and justice, which began in March of 2003 just as the […]