Profile of Brad Smith

Photographer Brad Austin Smith’s body of work contains a lot of bodies, including his own. One of his more iconic black-and-white images is of his unclothed body classically posed – reminiscent of a Michelangelo marble sculpture. He was in a bathtub that was for sale inside what now is the grand Cincinnatian Hotel, but then […]

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Profile of Melvin Grier

It took years, but eventually Jymi Bolden persuaded Melvin Grier it was possible to be both a photojournalist and a fine artist. Bolden was a student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati when he worked during the 1980s as a photo intern with the already seasoned Grier at The Cincinnati Post, and that’s when the […]

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Director Sees Upside to (Relatively) Young Springfield Museum of Art

While many large American arts institutions, such as Cincinnati Music Hall and the Cincinnati Art Museum, were founded in the 19th century, it wasn’t until just before and after World War II when such cultural institutions were planted in many smaller cities, like Springfield, Ohio. For so young an institution, the Springfield Museum of Art […]

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Profile of Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis

Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis live a life that’s an intriguing combination of postmodern and ancient. Even as they work daily to innovate with ceramics and multi-media decorative arts, they also revel in the timeworn techniques of firing clay in kilns and conjuring new glazes to suit their vision. Parker and Davis together are […]

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Profile of Annie Bolling

If Annie Bolling and Beverley Lamb reach their highest aspiration for their 1,800-square-foot art gallery on Woodburn Avenue, the art they make will fill the entire 1.96 square miles of East Walnut Hills and Walnut Hills combined. And the greatest artwork produced by The Gallery Project they operate will be a combination of the art […]

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Profile of Dennis Harrington

Dennis Harrington hasn’t used his artistic training to create much of his own art lately. He instead makes it his mission to optimize the artistic visions of others. The longtime director of The Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery is widely thought to curate some of the region’s finest shows. In 2015 the […]

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Profile of Stewart Goldman

Stewart Goldman’s career has shown many variations during more than 50 years of painting and drawing. Through it all, color has driven his art. Perhaps a bigger force behind his creations, although not always as obvious, have been absences, or memories of things that no longer are. It’s interesting that absence has such a large […]

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COLUMBUS – Any time you can bask in the presence of 19 superb works by Pablo Picasso within 111 miles of Fountain Square, you should do it. To say nothing of 19 generally better pieces by Alberto Giacometti, 14 very nice works by Jean Dubuffet and an excellent sculpture of a 14-year-old female ballet dancer […]

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Constance McClure

Walnut Hills artist Constance McClure sometimes subconsciously sketches in the air when she’s deep in conversation. Drawing always came naturally, but by now it’s automatic. She’s been creating art – starting with drawing, and moving on to painting, metalpoint and frescoes – each of her eight decades on earth. Once among a large lunchtime crowd […]

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Trifecta Review

By Mike Rutledge COVINGTON – Viewing Marc Leone’s hanging artworks, one can almost see a planet being formed. Tectonic plates collide. Mountains rise. Lava oozes from gigantic cracks on the planet’s crust. And the craters show striations from millions of years of erosion. Leone, a 44-year-old associate professor at Northern Kentucky University who teaches drawing […]

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The Definitive Contemporary Landscape Show

by Mike Rutledge COVINGTON – Curator Daniel Brown assembled the exhibition called The Definitive Contemporary Landscape to robustly prove a point. “Somebody said to me not too long ago that he found landscapes boring,” Brown said. The art expert offered Brown this reason for his opinion: “Well, they’ve been doing them for 300 years.” Brown […]

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