Heuck Retrospective at the Greenwich House Gallery

Cincinnatian Roger William Heuck descends from a family with an impressive artistic heritage.  He is the great grand nephew of John Henry Twachtman on his mother’s side and on his father’s side is Edward Eisenlohr, who painted in Texas.  His painting career began with his studies at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and was encouraged […]

RE-ART: Celebrating 70 years of Israeli Independence

Imagine what happens if you combine five artists from Netanya, Israel, five artists from Cincinnati, Ohio, a fanciful algorithm and a common theme exploring The Many Faces of Israel? With many little leaps of faith, this collaboration made possible by internet partnerships, results in an extraordinary exhibition of 70 works of art celebrating 70 years […]

Artists of the Heartland: James R. Hopkins and Edna Boies Hopkins

  The extensive works of James R. Hopkins and Edna Boies Hopkins are featured in their respective exhibitions in the Galleries of the Springfield Museum of Art. This is a  unique opportunity to acquaint yourself with a husband and wife whose individual expressive works reverently reveal life in the American heartland. “Faces of the Heartland” […]

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Timing is Everything

Few exhibitions in our region have been more anticipated than the joint showing of oil paintings by David Mueller and MaryBeth Karaus at Eisele Gallery in Fairfax. This exhibition showcases the romantic figurative and still life work of this couple, relying on well rendered compositions of surface refinement and harmonized color palettes. The female figure […]

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“Sight of Hand” at Cincinnati Art Galleries

Cincinnati Art Galleries on East 6th street is presenting the contrasting work of two Cincinnati artists. Leslie Shiels invites you to enjoy her animated brushwork in a new series of paintings featuring the skull. Historically speaking, artistic statements featuring human brain depositories are construed as commentary on inevitable destiny of mankind and human fallacy. Shiels’ […]

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The Way of Everyday Life: Clint Woods at the KHAC

“The work of art employs a triggering device – a call to seek and reflect – that makes conscious what has been buried in the unconscious, drawing the viewer into awareness.” Clint Woods Cincinnati based artist and designer, Clint Woods, is currently exhibiting in the Lindner Gallery at the Kennedy Heights Art Center. Woods declares […]

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COLOR & RHYTHM at the Taft Museum of Art

  Cincinnati Artist Cedric Michael Cox is exploring selected pieces from the collection of the Taft Museum of Art in his a new series of acrylics, entitled “Color & Rhythm” currently exhibited on site. The Taft Museum, a National historic landmark, was built about 1820 and is considered one of the finest examples of Federal […]

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“Pieced together: Expression, Memory, Identity”

“Pieced together: Expression, Memory, Identity” YWCA, Women’s Gallery, 898 Walnut St. Cincinnati, Ohio Artists: Jamie Van Landuyt, Elizabeth Leal and Sara Caswell Pearce Through April 13th, 2017 This show, entitled “Pieced Together”, brings forward a variety of work by women in our community in multiple mediums. Elizabeth Leal’s sculptural pieces are organic in formal concept […]

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“Tapped”, “Texas” & “Minnesota” at MANIFEST GALLERY Dec 2016

Cincinnati’s Manifest Gallery opens a number of exhibits at its Walnut Hills locale this week. “Tapped” is a unique annual exhibition exploring the relationship between art students current and past and their professors. This is the 7th exhibition featuring 16 artists from 9 states, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio and Texas. Works […]

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A Quarter of a Million Miles

Internationally exhibited Hawaiian-born, Christy Lee Rogers is the FotoFocus Biennial item at Miller this month. Her large format water medium photography prints fascinate as they bloom/explode/undulate organically on the gallery walls. Experimenting with the figure, water and lighting over several years, her elemental concepts came together as she succeeded in breaking the conventions of contemporary […]

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The Dayton Visual Arts Center presents four artists in a themed exhibit entitled “Remnants” that seeks to message re-actualization, memories and dream-visioning with the detritus and castoffs in life. The rising tide of accumulating residue in our lives both domestic and at the work place is undoubtedly a common experience. Even when we have tidied […]

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Manifest Artist Residency Exhibit: Samantha Haring Marina Fridman

The Manifest Artist in Residency Program awarded a double position this season.  Exhibited at the Woodburn Avenue venue are the works of Samantha Haring and Marina Fridman produced during this residency term. Samantha Haring is a midwest painter from Des Plaines, Illinois. Haring’s exhibit is entitled “Interlude”. Several medium sized works in oil and 2 […]

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Ten Treasures of the B’nai B’rith Klutznick Collection

In May of 2015, B’nai B’rith International and Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR) announced that the art and artifacts of the former B’nai B’rith Klutznick National Jewish Museum would be transferred to HUC-JIR Skirball Museum for the purposes of preserving and displaying this culture defining collection of sacred, secular fine and decorative […]

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Wonderful World of Woodcuts: Then and Now Lloyd Library, Cincinnati Ohio

The Lloyd Library is exhibiting a selection from their large collection of rare and modern works containing woodcuts in various applications. The majority of examples are from 16th -17th century European and Asian published volumes on zoological identification, herbal and medicinal information and processes and cultural research.   The first specimen is a volume on […]

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“52 Tuesdays”: A Survey of a year before the easel

The works chosen for this landscape exhibit represent one artist’s efforts at the easel on a Tuesday, any given week of his sabbatical year. Kevin Muente’s successful descriptive representations are on the spot plein aire paintings which were not additionally edited in the studio. The paintings depict common landscape, not ostentatiously landmarked but painted closely, […]

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Who are WE– The Jimi Jones Worldview

Jimi Jones, ever the graphic designer, is in the billboard business as evidenced by his current show at the Springfield Museum of Art. Jones views his role as an artist who explores and celebrates the African American cultural production as well as being a storyteller in an historical context. His large oil and acrylic canvases […]

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Authentic Narratives: Ohio’s Regionalists, 1915-1950

Looking back historically, one sees that Post World War II critics and curators endorsing the trends of expressive experimentation emanating from New York as the mechanism of modernism in the visual arts, eschewed figurative and narrative representations and the artists who employed these elements as outdated and behind the times. Regardless of the critics’ blessing, […]

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Upstairs at the Greenwich…

“Stars Under the Sky” is the title of the latest exhibit curated by Melissa Sammarco at the three room gallery over the Greenwich Jazz Club in Walnut Hills. Recognized multimedia abstractionist Mary Barr Rhodes shows several works.  Glittering iridescence dominates two canvases in the middle room. No recognizable elements here as the stubble studded surface […]

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“Surface” Phyllis Weston Gallery, O’Bryonville

On the basis of some of the works, “Surface” may be described as a portrait show with an agenda beyond the business of likeness. Colleen Kelsey exhibits 2 works showcased in the front room. “Artist”,a graphite/charcoal drawing on a pinky cream sheet, depicts the rendering of likeness of one Heather Lea Reid. Utilizing scribble shading […]

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Talking Blues: Cedric Cox at the CCAC

Cedric Michael Cox is currently exhibiting an array of his  colorful abstractions at Clifton Cultural Arts Center. Entitled “Talking Blues”, the exhibit presents a body of larger and intermediate sized full color paintings supported by several graphite studies. Cox bases his work on drawing and describes having become tired of color and desired to simply […]

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Keepers of Our Craft: The 2015 Letterhead Meet

Lettering artists, calligraphers and sign painters of every type have nourished their love affair with the brush through centuries of human communicational needs. Sign design, featuring unique attractive shapes and the seductive element of neon, has been a ubiquitous element of the American landscape. Our romance with the road and the art of the sign […]

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Radiance in Abundance at Brazee

The Brazee Studios Art gallery, tucked away in the suburb of Oakley, is currently featuring the well paired work of painter M. Katherine Hurley and sculptress Margot Gotoff. Hurley’s big sky motifs in dramatic color dominate the main room. The viewer’s vantage points are varied: sometimes earthbound sometimes mid-flight, atmospherically enveloped in the cloud cover. […]

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Relax—It’s a Duck Tape® World

On a summery Cincinnati Saturday afternoon, anyone doing a driveby at the Clifton and MLK corner of the University of Cincinnati campus might do a double take.  Is that really a 10ft tall pink flamingo stalking a giant lemonade-sipping duck resplendent on a beach towel with all the amenities one would need at said beach? […]

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Carol Ann’s Carousel: Ready for a Spin

Any one who enjoys the Cincinnati Park system has monitored over the recent snowy winter with great anticipation the newest addition to the Riverfront: the John G & Phyllis W. Smale Park and the installation of Carol Ann’s Carousel that is it’s focal point. The Taft Museum of Art, itself a gem in the crown […]

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Butler Institute: A Pastel Solo in many keys

My recent visit to the Butler Institute of American Art included viewing the work of Ohio pastelist Judith Carducci. Carducci’s prize winning work is recognized for her good grounding in solid draughtsmanship and spot on sense of color, both attributes a product of years of drawing from life.  Carducci also presents her personal perspectives on […]

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Women in Abstraction: Phyllis Weston Gallery

Abstract Art lovers’ Alert! The current exhibit featured at the Phyllis Weston Gallery in O’Bryonville will thrill you. The benign art of collage is taken in several engaging directions in Kathy Salchow’s multi-element collages. Natural and textural elements assembled in fanciful combinations engage the viewer’s imaginative interpretations and enjoyment. “Early Bird Tobacco Bag” is comprised […]

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Figurative Folklore

“The human figure as depicted in art is more than a study of anatomy and the play of light and dark on the flesh. Human gestures have the capacity to intrigue, unnerve and perplex. The scenes are familiar to our collective experience, yet something is askew, enigmatic even farcical. The figure takes on a mythical […]

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Manifest Open Drawing Sessions: Works on Paper Pursuing the drawing question

Why draw? Brazee Street Studio gallery is where one can peruse the efforts of 10 dedicated participants in the Manifest Open Studio live model sessions. This small showing, presented casually with small bull clips pinned to the wall, exhibits a mixture of media and approaches from warmup exercises to statements considered in extended timeframes. The […]

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East meets West: the Art of Frank Satogata

Hawaiian born of Japanese ancestry and raised stateside in Western culture, Frank Satogata’s solo exhibition at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center is evidence of his continuing search for visual language integrating the processes of both Eastern and Western arts. This show brings together designs and paintings using Zen Calligraphy and Abstract Expressionism and several examples […]

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Mark Hanavan: Alone Together Expressions of Estrangement in the Technology World

Hanavan’s exhibit is titled and marketed to make a statement connecting  the concept of self with the virtual self of social media and internet technologies. While the constant comment of Twitter, FB, the image clutter of Instagram and other technologies teeter on the edge of the diluvial, the virtual technological presence is not without its […]

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FOTOFOCUS 2014 “Shedding Light”

FOTOFOCUS 2014 “Shedding Light” Clifton Cultural Art Center Oct 4th through Nov 5th The mushrooming phenomenon of phone and pad picture making has been undeniably outstripping the traditional handheld point and shoot camera as evidenced by the millions of images uploaded to social media and the documented downturn in sales of traditional camera equipment. One […]

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“Power of Place”: Celebrating International Women Artists

YWCA Women’s Art Gallery   June 20 – Sept 11, 2014 A variety of work made by women artists born abroad are featured in this exhibit, expressing their diverse styles in a variety of mediums and formats.  Selected from eight different national backgrounds, these artists live in the Cincinnati area. Their roots run deep in their […]

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Double Artist Residency Exhibit: Jeremy Plunkett and Nicholas Mancini at Manifest

by Marlene Steele The Manifest Artist in Residency Program has been expanded to include a double position this year.  The work of Jeremy Plunkett and Nicholas Anthony Mancini produced during this residency term is exhibited at the Woodburn avenue gallery. ” ‘Container’ speaks of both the act of containing and a vessel that…holds or transports […]

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Figurative Extravaganza at Miller Gallery

by Marlene Steele There is a little something for everyone in the Figurative Invitational at Miller Gallery. Their selection of artists, both local and international, accommodates several of the trendy approaches considered current today. Moscow native, Larissa Morais’s oil painting entitled “Solace” captures a beautiful single figure kneeling anonymously behind a black bladed samurai sword. […]

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Postcard from DC “American Cool”

by Marlene Steele National Portrait Gallery  Feb. 7 – Sept 7 2014 This photography exhibition presents several decades of historic, artistic and contemporary images of American icons who embody the concept of “Cool”. What are the criteria of “coolness” for inclusion in this exhibition? ⁃     Original artistic vision with innovative signature style. ⁃         Represents cultural […]

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Erwin’s Pastels: Recent Portraits Studies of Estrangement and Reconciliation

by Marlene Steele Gaela Erwin, Manifest Gallery Cincinnati Ohio Chi.a.ro.scu.ro: An effect of contrasted light and shadow. Origin Latin: chiaro ‘clear,bright’ + oscuro ‘dark, obscure’ Pas.tel  pastel: noun:  a crayon made of powdered pigments bound with gum or resin. adjective: of a soft and delicate shade or color. The interlude where I met Gaela Erwin […]

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Cupid Visits Miller Gallery

by Marlene Steele Life is a box of chocolates— You never know what you are going to get. Love letters, love birds, bottled passion and romance — this lighthearted look at the thread of romance in all phases of life and experience is as varied in message and medium as the artists selected to exhibit. […]

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Ron Kroutel: Conceptualist Redux

by Marlene Steele Suited man steps onto a roadway in a low level lilliputian landscape. A nubile intrigante strides openly along a residence-obscuring hedge. Nude male, barefoot in the waning light, apprehensively considers a dismal deserted industrial plant. Leaps of faith and expressions of ecstasy, escapes and admonitions, reactions to the unseen and the unforeseeable, […]

Nourse: the Painter

Nourse: the Painter By Marlene Steele I stood eye to eye with E. Nourse recently at her current exhibition “Rites of Passage” at the Cincinnati Art Museum. The painting: her own lifesized self-portrait. Not given to idealization even when concerned with her own features, she portrays herself actively at work with a clear and unblinking […]

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“1963 Revisited”

“1963 Remembered” By Marlene Steele Trotted down to see the YWCA exhibit on the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement 1963-2013, downtown CIncinnati. Being a significant subject for a multiple artist extravaganza, one would think that this exhibit would be worth the while.  I am selecting some pieces to highlight. Artist insight and issue […]

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DIS-SEMBLANCE: PROJECTING AND PERCEIVING IDENTITY By Marlene Steele “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” — Marshall McLuhan 21C Museum Hotel Cincinnati, Cincinnati Ohio A multi-national array of artists dissect with various technological innovations the contemporary, multicultural perception of portraiture today. This artist is reporting a selection […]


Artists and their models… Models and their artists

Artists and their models… Models and their artists by Marlene Steele In a recently released pop film on the much touted French painter, a gnarly Renoir, grappling with the problems of posing the girl before him, recalls being queried by another artist of his time: “why can’t one just paint apples?” His hissed reply reflects […]

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SMALL Really IS BIG  By Marlene Steele When the concept is BIG, small works do not need to justify their existence against larger works because of their smaller borders. This 30 piece exhibit redefines the concept of ‘BIG’ in a number of ways and rewards the viewer with unique insights. Any artist who undertakes the […]

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HIGH: A Survey of Realism, Manifest Gallery

HIGH: A Survey of Realism         Manifest Gallery by Marlene Steele Realism is defined as art that convinces the viewer that the described visible subject exists outside the art itself. Successful illusionistic and highly descriptive representation that is closely aligned to what the eye sees with little interpretation or manipulation of the […]

THE NUDE: Self & Others

THE NUDE: Self & Others ~ Marlene Steele This year’s Lexington Art League Nude show exhibits portraiture and figurative work with a marked emphasis on conceptual undercurrents of personal and sexual identity, the body as object, the body as experience, societal pressures, politics and violence. The first hall presents a series of figure wall hangings […]


DIZYGOTIC Written by Marlene Steele Rabbits, roosters, turtles and dogs. Leslie Shiels’ familiar animals dwell in large confrontational canvases and are exhibited opposite their painted twins, who somehow have popped into completely different bubble worlds. Twins can be monozygotic or “identical” meaning that they develop from one zygote. Dizygotic or ‘fraternal” twins launch from two […]

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Color Pencil Society of America

By: Marlene Steele The Color Pencil Society’s 20th Anniversary International Exhibition is an extensive show filling the main gallery and 4 galleries on the second floor of the Carnegie Art Center. This organization, founded by Vera Curnow of Rising Sun, Indiana, seeks to lend stature to the medium of color pencil as a fine art […]

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Drawing and Contemporary Portraiture: 2 Approaches

By: Marlene Steele Drawing, the tool of observation and investigation employed by artists even in this technological time of electronic gadgetry, is as diversified as the number of individuals wrestling with its control. It is a fascinating opportunity to observe how another navigates their drawing process. This is insightful particularly when the exhibited work,  so tidy […]

Reflection at Red Pond

Helen Frankenthaler  1928-2011 A phone call from a long time friend of mine alerted me to the passing of this reknowned woman whose approach to painting contributed to and influenced the gestural abstract movement of the 50′ s and 60’s. “I never usually read the obits in the New York Times” Marilyn began,” but I […]

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